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Here is the system* email sent today.

*  ie as typed into the Amazon system.  It can't, however, cope with the graphic at the foot of the page.


This complaint is not about 

Order: Friday, 29 May 2015 / 204-9030516-9707513

if it comes up, I can't go directly to the drill.

It is about 

Order placed on 18 February 2015. 

Bosch PBD 40 710W Bench Drill 

I completed a not-required box about a week after ordering this £239.95 item

A week or so later after that, it arrived.  I told the deliverer about the cancellation and the box was taken.


Either the person who took it away stole it or when it arrived at a depot, it was stolen.

There has been no acknowledgement therefore I require return of the £239.95,

If there is a problem, please advise how I use the credit card system to claim my money.

C H A N G E       OF         T O P I C

Return Authorisation Label 2/27/15     DZdyyKRSRRMA


one of each

     Grand Canyon 

     3D collection

     3D Nature collection

     Cousteau's Dolphins etc


Full details can be seen by pasting

into your browser.  ((((((((((((( Now that you have arrived, see it below )))))))))))))))))

The problem is that this return seems not to have been acknowledged.

Worse, I have been charged again.  I just do not understand why.

I have neither time nor patience to add more info at this stage.  Still less the expertise.  

Paste CLICK  1 June 2015 here

and not here

to see why.

By now you will have seen that I am a full-time unpaid carer to my wife.  


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