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  1. The Alibi Society

  2. Preamble 

    Exasperation here includes the excuses you so often hear relating to caree/carer-provider lack of ability.  There is the academic concept of the alibi society. 

    We live in a society of excuses for professional and commercial inattention, poor service, and damn-right incompetence.

    I know this annoys people when I retaliate by sending this page.. If providers choose not to help me in order to satisfy their own revenge needs, they are the ones with the problem. I will get through as I normally do.  By determination to succeed and determination to confront incompetence etc.

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  4. Living in an Alibi Society: A Catalogue of Pretensions

  1. This is a social critique in which the author reveals a society debilitated by the extensive use of alibis, and now anxiously searching for durable values. He describes an "alibi society" as a collective state of mind for finding excuses for equivocation, for taking or not taking action, or finding reasons for failure. He endeavours to explain the use of alibis by examining their sources in widely different areas - education, class, manners, cowardice, intellectuality and the professions. 

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  4. Alibis offer powerful and convenient justifications for rejecting or carrying out actions—for acts of commission or omission ...
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  6. Alibis are social devices offering cover for acts discharged or for measures that need to be taken or prevented from being carried out. 
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  8. In certain recognized circumstances, alibis are fashioned deliberately to exonerate decision makers from direct responsibility,  ...
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  10. Alibis are neither good nor bad—though they are certainly not neutral—but take the colouring of the purposes and motives to which they are assigned; always, they serve a specific purpose.  
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  12. Some alibis are valid, many are ephemeral or mere sophistries, and many more are inventions. 
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  14. Sometimes they endeavour to conceal motives of which even their inventor, perhaps, remains unaware, so deep have some alibis eaten into the subconscious mind. 
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  16. Losing a war can perpetuate alibis for failure for several generations; 
    winning one can supply an alibi for unwarranted feelings of superiority. 
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  19. Alibis, if long enough sustained, are converted into folk-memories which long endure! 
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  21. Wishing to understand the evergreen function of alibis and their impact on society is reason enough to scrutinize their raison d'etre.
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  23. Their rise in significance and growth in application during the twentieth century is largely a matter of record; it must be apparent even to the moderately perceptive that in England we have embarked on the long march which has now led to many of us 'living in an alibi society'. 
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  25. The increasing receptivity to the use of alibis may be attributed, partially, to the wider absorption of the spirit as well as the letter of 
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  27. the teachings of the social sciences, which have analysed and assessed the role and conduct of people and groups ......
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