An exploration of the UK carer world

Main aims of the website and its principal content

  1. Your first concern is your caree. If you haven't acted, act here.

  2. This website aims to provide a greater understanding of the care role in the public mind.

  3. The site provides resources for carers which will enable for them to feel that all is not lost. and where a lot of the donkey-work has been done.

  4. It provides a database for carers at whatever stage they are, and a broad range of information of use to all in the carer world.

  5. The site puts the carer world into the hands of everyone in it.  They are able to contribute from the start.  It's a website with public ownership by everyone's contribution.

  6. Well-known songs have been recycled to be sung when carers meet.

  7. As will be discussed, the carer world has its fair share of those in their third age.  Many of them will suffer from failing eyesight. Since so many websites are set up with text of this size, this website aims to keep text legible.

  8. The third-age factor continues in the context of lack of understanding of the Internet re finding help  

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