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AFH stress 30 Oct 2015                                                                           hidden page

Updating AFH current stress level 20 Sept 2015 here     

1   Evidence

  1. GP  One month later and nothing from OTs.  Senior DN has made arrangements re harness.  

  2. Healthcare providers   see later

  3. Caree needs assessment - waiting four weeks for outcome.  My assesment long overdue.

  4. Caree religious aspects   The three year project trying to improve religious aspects of Teresa's life has made progress  

  5. 2g-specific web pages Much more stress sticking posters.  2g care meeting 28 Oct.

  6. Public pages   see above.

  7. Dietician appointment  Nothing useful to report.

  8. Wheelchair car  We have the newer car which went wrong within 200 miles.

  9. DIY   Nothing happening - weather.

  10. Persecutor  Nothing happening

  11.  Car sale over       ie previous car

  12.  I am still grinding my teeth and gums seem on fire. 

  13.  Going to see XR Chairman soon.

  14. Ramp unsuitable and returned.  New one being adjusted

  15. Computer advice underway
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