An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Looking at your website and Mart's, I'd say YES.


Initially, I hope to promote this website.  Once people are using the Contact page, reader-mood can be assessed.

I can  then use social media to create conversations stemming from certain pages.  If that produces other conversations, so much the better.


You will gather certain info about how IT and this site tie together from the section here.  Yola is cheap and cheerful.   A year ago most bespoke header graphics went to default which means, often, that the captions are inappropriate.  There was an anvil and hammer here, for example.  A page featured a bake-house graphic which led to a bread analogy here


Yola £ here.  I recently went from Silver to Gold to obtain better graphics and its declared marketing campaign for my sites.  Some hope for the latter, I don't think.  


The graphics are hit and miss.  There's a default black background as you see above in many cases.  I jazz things up by stealing a website graphic and stitching it.  It's then converted to a png which eliminates the black back ground as seen here.  


A good Yola png here.   If you and I travel along the same road, I hope to pick up tips.  I can't eliminate white from a jpg when it's stitched like this.  Done using Publisher.


Intended doom and gloom here    here.


Some of my social media


Professor Alan F Harrison facebook   -     in Google   -   result here

Too many similar named results so focus on  


Facebook here  I have no idea where the Dean Magna link came from.  Need to investigate.


Linked-in here  


twitter here 

Another Google result here 


Gastronomy author here  


Professor Alan F Harrison Twitter   -     in Google   -   result here     not me   here  


British Legion here  


alan f harrison british legion              gives the result here  


Ross Royal British Legion here   another here  but not social media sourced


Most need cancelling.  Arduous I remember from several years ago.  




There's enough out there with my name on it to show that it all needs ditching and starting from scratch. 


Stage 1

Shall we agree that you have worked for an hour [say if more] so far and that you work for another hour to see the potential for making a few suggestions as to how you might help?  I'll pay you for two hours [or so] if you decide it's not for you.


Stage 2

If you are on board, let me know your tariff.  Being positive, we meet for a paid hour and talk in general terms. I live off Greytree in Ross-on-Wye.

The way I see it is to cancel all present social media connections and start again.  If that needs a different email address, I have one. 


Stage 3

Once the tools are in place and they include ones of your recommendation, we can move forward.


This site is two years old this month.  Not one use of the Contact page.  Yola sitewit  here   sheer marketing  here


If I use Sitewit, it gives visitor data around 150 per three months or so.  I score hits so almost no readers.   Meters would be a better tool.  Which?


Stage 3 action

You draft a marketing campaign.

Stage 4 action

Martin starts looking at an improved logo as seen above the text here


The two of you look holistically at the website itself and decide        back to the drawing board.

However, I've been through that process six years ago with the website here and am stuck with it as it was in the beginning.  Have just removed an update saying the site is problematic.  Can't do anything more to solve problems.

>   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >

Looking forward to the first stage above.  Before you start, could you please outline the costs involved?

With thanks


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