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A day in the life of an unpaid carer - an unexpected occurrence on his doorstep.

17 July 2016

We can all be very busy unpaid carers but that doesn't separate us from life's normal problems. 

One of the problems is that passers-by cannot be blamed for thinking that I have created road havoc.

It has been several days of dealing with the Police and Trading Standards.  The latter wants evidence of the road mess, so here it is.




The phone numbers are 07471 067546  &  07951  897113.  In Police hands initially.

The company had been carrying out work in the house opposite ours two weeks ago.

Two properties further up the road on our side have  also been affected.  Ditto down the road.



This was taken from outside the higher-up-the-road-property of five on our side.

We are in the middle property after the greenery on the left.



 This was taken from outside the lowest of the five properties on our side.

Looking up the road.



 Outside the lowest property.



 Outside next door to us down the road.  Paint has clearly gone down the drain.



 At the top of the drive of the  property next to us down the road.




Outside our house.



Showing the road between the two properties  and looking up the road.  The patch above “properties” leads to a second  patch before the large patch where the paint was spilled loading a car.

The driver allowed the car to reverse and then went of at speed  spraying the car and spreading the patch. Paint was water-sprayed to the side of the road and a lot of it went down the additional drain outside our house.



As can be seen, the paint was spread right up the road.

There is a much longer story connected to what you see.  It involves an attempt to steal money.

The matter was in Police hands before it went to Trading Standards for further capable processing.

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