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 Dr S L

A S Surgery

R on W

Herefordshire HR9 SAB




Dear Dr L 


Re: Prof Alan Harrison. Glendower. Fourth Avenue. Ross on Wye.   

      Herefordshire. HR9 7HR. DOB 22/05/1941


Professor Harrison consulted me last week with severe low back pain.


I examined him and found a spondilotic lower lumber spine tenderness around the transverse process of L5 on the left and right piriformis muscles.      I suspect that the sharp pain he experiences is from facet joint impaction in his lower lumbar.


He has a history of low back pain starting in the 1970s and has had one serious horse-fall in late 70s.


He has asked me about his pain medication.   I told him it wasn't my field but to ask you about gabapentin or pregabalin.


Kind regards.


Yours sincerely


Paul Stamp

Registered Osteopath


copy to Prof H