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Chair of Ross-on-Wye Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group    hidden page 

To Group members

Further to the email from Phil Shackell on 29 Sept, I put my name forward.

1 Simon Lennane

Simon is the logical best person for the role but due to the restricted time available, I have been unable to contact him. If he is able to take on the role, I would endeavour to be Vice Chair.

2 Basis of my application

  1. Members need to know that taking on the role would be on the basis of not having been formally involved in the HC context where interest and enthusiasm are greater than expertise which I aim to improve.

  2. That would depend, in part, on receiving training from HC and finding out more about what is involved. 

  3. I will not ask HC for chairmanship training.  It is more to do with being fluent in MH care provision across the county and in Ross.

  4. There will be other meetings to attend and key MH staff and other people to meet in order to learn more about provision and user needs. 

  5. The group will be encouraged to focus on promoting relevant existing county services Ross lacks.

  6. Ditto voluntary services 

  7. The group will be encouraged to foster innovation. 

3 Group outcomes

The group will be encouraged to appraise its performance to date before deciding its future direction.

4 Other related meetings

  1. The group also would benefit from membership attendance at other related meetings. An early task is to identify such meetings and who might attend. With an increase of my availability, I would hope to attend more meetings than most members.

  2. Autism Partnership Board The APB - is not MH per se.  However, wellbeing for sufferers and family is important.  I am a member and was a member of the task group involved in the new strategy.  If we are to do with steering, we need to work on a local model which will work anywhere within the county.  An important strand is, of course, identifying specific needs and potential for meeting them.

  3. As a member of APB, I have given thought to how it liaises with other similar groups.  I would promote the concept of more joined-up MH provision starting in Ross.  Although the CCG is not a similar group, so far we have not explored the full benefits of Simon being its MH lead. There could be occasional sessions dealing with specific MH issues.

5 Ross Local MH Strategy

A task for our group could be to work on a Ross Local MH Strategy and feed it forward in due course to HC. 

6 MH sufferers and family members

  1. The group would be encouraged to consider the recruitment of MH sufferers and family members.

  2. Including the Ross Meeting Centre, we would map formal and volunteer MH provision within Ross & District.  At the same time, all provision needs to be mapped in the context of being proportionate to demand.

7 Other Group roles

  1. To quote Phil - "Ideally a vice-chair and minute taker would be very helpful."  BOTH would be important as would a strict regimen of members receiving minutes within at least seven days after any meeting and the next agenda at least seven days before the subsequent meeting.

If you consider I have worth to the group as Chair, I woulde a revised email on Monday, latest Tuesday. subs