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Thursday 15 December  2016    1630    Glen Dawr

Suggested agenda

Matters arising 

              Leominster Advisory Board 13 Dec

              MHG 14 Dec

The Mental Health Group on Weds will have been told that I have booked the library for the week of the public meeting planned for 9 Feb.  If MHG joins the booking the broad theme of dementia will surround the Ross Dementia Friendly Community theme.  Ross DMC, of course, will be prominent.  Will CC organise a rota of its members to man the exhibition?


Start planning now.  January 25 is Robert Burns Day. What is the maximum number to sit down to a proper meal at lunch time or in the evening?  Better to arrange for the Friday or Saturday evening if readers want more info.

In 2008, I piped at Monmouth Castle.  Tickets were expensive and it was a RNLI black-tie event.  Towards the end, envelopes were placed on the tables.  There were individual donations of £500 and £1000.  Obviously, guests were wealthy and influential.  It was a fine-food dinner.  Who can suggest how we target such people?

Contrast that with Brampton Village Hall another year.  £10 tickets and egg mayonnaise, haggis, swede and mash, followed by trifle.

If CC is interested, its venue won't suit the first clientele but we shouldn't go to the Brampton Hall level.

If interested, I will add much more info.

Far less formal is "A ‘Sit-down’ Ceilidh and Burns Nicht - in the afternoon".  It could be for the DMC participants, their families, and possibly - CC members.  A chance for integration and better awareness for CC members.

Put the price up and raise funds from a much larger audience-participation session separately.  more

If 250 attend at the Larruperz Centre, quite a few vols from CC could help.  The webpage says "Anyone can tell a story, sing a song or whatever. This dates from the days when people made their own entertainment.  Those were the days!"  Who are the CC members with persuasive skills?  Organise half a dozen CC members to contribute with song etc, as needed on the day.

The latest Alzheimer mag talks about a Dementia Ball.



Dancing With Dementia  

An amazing book and no one is expected to read it.  If anyone did, they would better understand the extract and why I would welcome its application with T in mind.     here

It also contains this   "Dementia is a sickness of society."  Anyone you want to use to explain dementia to CC members instead of me will not broach this topic.  It goes a long way to explaining why there are no DMC vols.  Fear and stigma are tied into the sentence.  . . . . . 


I’m choosing an attitude of dancing with dementia. I’m choosing to be a survivor. I’m choosing to live my life positively everyday. I love the imagery of a couple dancing with dementia. It’s a couple, a care-partnership, in which we move together. We sense each other’s needs, and change and adapt according to the changing music of the journey with dementia. It’s a very expressive way I think, of talking about the care partnership being like a dance with dementia. … as care-partners in the dance with dementia, we both have to learn to LISTEN to the music. What is happening to me, to us? What is the rhythm of our dance with dementia?   Third extract – what it means to dance with dementia  here

All fine words and one can see why medics and others don't believe that the writer has dementia.  T - my wife, certainly is unable to read the text, never mind write it.


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