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  1. Left school to embark on four years FT education in Hotel Management and Business Studies. Completed the courses in 1961.  There were no Tourism courses at the time. Business Studies was the only choice.  

  2. Worked in the broad field of hotel, catering and tourism until 1965.

  3. Taught such subjects in FE starting in 1965.  

  4. Cert Ed at Garnett College Technical Teacher Training College at Roehampton.  FT one year, 1966/7.

  5. Returned to teaching in FE in 1967 gradually widening teaching scope.

  6. Lecturer in Gastronomy at Surrey Univer­sity, 1974 - 1977.

  7. Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School* at Crewe Toll, 1977 - 1983.

  8. Head of Faculty of Community Studies at Canterbury College, 1983 - 1988.   Contemporaneous appointment at 17.

  9.         Open University Tutor/Examiner within the Post-Grad course in Educational Manage­ment

  10. Tourism specialist and academic adviser in fifteen countries - 1988 - 2000. 

  11.          University Dean (Schiller University) in France and Switzerland and became Professor in 1992                    independently.
  13.          Four foreign projects as a Voluntary Adviser with BESO, now in VSO.

  14. Retired and living in Ross-on-Wye, I am available as a speaker. I am involved in various community/charity projects. 
      * It was thus known as at the time.  In the top three largest of its kind.  It is now much smaller and is located                 elsewhere. 

Papers and articles - examples  

  1. A ‘Caring Career’: How to get into the world of community care, School Leaver; Vol. 15, No. 3, January 1985

  2. Food Education and School Meals… Are they on separate tables?  - Nutrition and Food Science: No. 80, January/February 1983

  3. Negotiating the Curriculum - NATFHE Journal, May/June 1984  (National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education)

  4. Delegated Food Education -   Fifth Home Economics Research Conference at the University of Cardiff,  September 1983

  5. Making Sense of Cuisine: From Culinary Triangle to Pyramid using Lehrer’s Tetrahedron as a Stepping Stone  - Anthropological Linguistics: Summer 1983
  7. An Index of Key Terms (for E324 Post-Graduate Course - Management in Post-Compulsory Education)  Open University, August 1986 (with J Bell and I McNay)

  8. Professionalism, Bought, Caught or Taught? - Hospitality*: No. 7, July 1980  (* Revised title of HCIMA Journal)

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