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Teresa died at 0100 on 22 April 2017

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The stories begin with my carer-life's Mission A to persuade people to pronounce Teresa's name.  Here it is on a slat of wood behind her wheelchair.  Not Tereeeesa.  Mission B is this battle.  I smile, say nothing and point to Teresa.  Mission C is the fight against wheelchair invisibility here.



A    My wife     

  1. Health summary
  2. Physical health
  3. Mental health
  4. Hospitalisation
  5. Transport
  6. Carer crib-sheet
  7. Teresa Diana Harrison ancestry 

B    Joint aspects

  1.  Holidays
  2.  At home
  3. The new Dementia Meeting Centres 

    Yours truly


A  My wife

  1. Health summary
  2. Physical health
  3. Mental health
  4. Hospitalisation
  5. Transport
  6. Carer crib-sheet

1.1  Health summary here


1.2  Medication

Medication list and medical history here

2  Physical health

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  here.

Teresa restarted her exercise programme in mid June 2016. here 

3  Mental health

3.1     Person-centred Tests Home page here  as Intro to TDH pages

3.2     Dementia meeting centres  more  

          See B 3 below

          more  here

3.3.1  Prolonging the active mind here

3.3.2                                              - religious aspects  here

3.3.3                                              - our videos, songs and music  here

3.3.4  Family-produced tests Home page here

3.4     Impersonalisation demonstrated:

3.4.1  Letter to caree 16 March 2015 here

3.4.2  Non-person-centred Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here

         My contribution reduced the impersonalisation.


4   Hospitalisation

  1.  78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here
  2.  Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck.  here
  3. 2 Nov 2016 - Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) here  

5  Transport

  1. Various wheelchairs since 2000.  

  2. In 2014, Teresa's hip socket failed for the second time (first - 1995) but no operation possible due to heart condition.  

  3. From then on transport became much more than a matter of putting a folding wheelchair into a car.

  4. Early in 2015, a heavy-duty powered wheelchair was bought which put a new outlook on the type of car needed.  Our wheelchair here    here

  5. That led to the notion that such beasts are dangerous.  About wheelchairs here

  6.                                                                                          U-tube is better than Youtube!  here                                                                            
  7. A battle concerning a change of car led to the Stand up for your rights - dangerous WAV page here

  8. Currently, we have a  Fiat Doblo MyLife Multijet 1.6 litre  turbo diesel car here  - £15k

6  Carer crib sheet sheet 

Note that so many basics need to be stated.  here.   

7  Teresa Diana Harrison ancestry here

B   Joint aspects

1   Holidays  very important for caree and carer  

  1. Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here
  2. Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck. here
  3. Grove Farm - Kimbolton - near Leominster   here
  4. Does your disability-holiday choice have heart?  here  

  5. Holidays Home page here

  6. Disabled Holiday info here

2   At home
  1. Our videos, songs and music  here.   Includes link to Our bird station here

3   The new Dementia Meeting Centres 

Our joint attendance is based on my strong belief in the continuity of  the too-few UK DMCs and the  creation of more.  We attend one on a regular basis and are convinced that DMCs present the optimum way forward within national dementia services.  more

See A 3.2

C   Yours truly

     1  2016 

  1. My experience at 6 here

  2. I am a Dementia Champion and experienced a Day course here

  3. The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring    here

  4. Alone  Home page here

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  6. Battles: 

  7. The carer world is a series of mountains - public page here.


  9. A black picture often within the domain of dom-care staff on zero-hours contract, with disallowed travel time -here

  10. The Dom-care battle  -  Paper presented to Promoting Independence on 4th February 2016 here

  11. A day in the life of an unpaid carer - an unexpected occurrence on his doorstep - here.

  12. Relief from the battles here.

  13. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  14. Unpaid carer stress Home page  here 

  15. Caring for someone with FTD can be particularly challenging, because

    of the person’s age and the changes in behaviour and communication.  p 9 here

      2  Pages of earlier date

  1. 2g letter to caree 16 March 2015 here

  2. 78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here

  3. Dementia Triangle of Care  here

  4. Songs and music for special needs situations here.

  5. Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here

  6. Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck. here 

  7. My wife's health here

  8. To the Bishop of Herefordshire here

  9. December 2014 update here

  10. A&E etc summary here.

  11. TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here

  12. Updates October & November 2014  here

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