In the hope of Asperger's support

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In the hope of Asperger's  support   28 Jan 2017                                     hidden page    

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  1. Preamble
  2. A sample of communication
  3. Personal interests
  4. Personal characteristics

1  Preamble                                                                         
  1. In the spirit of letting you know what you might decide to take on, you have a choice of pages to skim or read.  

  2. As a social psychologist, I have worked in academe in the context of tourism development.  My abnormal childhood  and later life were neurotypical until I moved into educational management in 1977.  In 1988, I was retired on ill-health grounds.  My wife and I then lived  in various countries and I was on short-term and year-long contracts until retiring to look after my wife in 2000.    

  3. We moved to Ross in 2014.  Time until 2015 included two years as Ross Scouts Chaiman, and major upsets involving British Legion, a dom-care company here, and the local Memory Service..  Slightly less-than-major upsets include three specialist care hotels, District Nurses, and Occupational Therapists.

  4. The local Memory Service is here.  All you might do is see the extent of the output. 14 hidden - 13  public pages.

  5. Letter from 2g here (not hidden).  Non-person-centred Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here My contribution reduced the impersonalisation.  2g didn't like my Person-centred Tests Home page here or my response to its letters

  6. The latest upset concerns several webpages which you might skim here.  They are deliberately atypical since most of my pages are very long.  Having set it up, I now have no influence on the project.   

  7. The Ross DMC was offered to the church on the site and its only vicar has taken it over to the extent of excluding me from the decision-making body.   Long before Xmas, I pushed for publicity.  I went solo with this.  I was not consulted over a half page on the DMC in the Gazette 25 Jan.  I have retaliated with this and the final version is a whitewash. 1 Feb p4. I suspect the editor consulted the vicar.

  8. See top right of p 5.  Hope you will attend.  I am considering exposing their little game.

  9. We have been going to something similar to the Ross DMC at the  Leominster DMC here  1/7 since April last year.  There are many pages of criticism of the system which you don't need to see.

2   A sample of communication
  1.  An email is here.  D is the vicar, MHSG and MHG = the local MH Steering Group here. Phil S is its Chair.  He lives in Liverpool and knows very little of Ross.  He constantly says he hasn't done this or that due to pressure of other work.  Its a constant temptation to confront him at the meetings.  What I did was to send a round robin saying minutes should always arrive well in advance of the day before any meeting.  Have also called for Terms of Ref to be discussed.

  2. AP is a church member.    
  4. Multiple pages here and arising might be skimmed on the basis of one in three or so.     

  5. In despair, I ensured that our GP and I talked for an hour, just before Xmas.  The page you now see is typically long so I just showed him Item 5 here.  He said it is no wonder that the vicar has raised concern.  He then said "It's been a long time coming.  I am sorry about that.  You are autistic."   That page was originally here for the attention of the vicar and a member of its Council.    

3  Personal interests

Within the limited amount of reading so far, what is apparent is that aspies can be involved in unusual interests. Also, that the interest are sporadic.
  1. Haven't seen a carer website, let alone one like this.  OCD with a positive outcome?  Perhaps, but masses of negativity in it - inevitable?  Far too much of my non-carer time is spent on this site.

  2. Play early Spanish classical guitar pieces and play Flamenco guitar  

  3. Play the bagpipe here here & here  Gave up the clarinet and flute to fingering similarity. 

  4. Rarely play the bagpipe.  June at Hereford Cathedral.  Burns at Leominster Dementia Centre. 

  5. Rarely play ukulele, harmonica (sometimes with guitar), recorder, two-finger piano.  Can't read music.

  6. Use a variety of instruments here.  Only occasionally on Tuesdays for 30 mins.  Was regular over three years.

  7. Astrophysics.  Currently reading Brian Cox's door-stopper here.  Operate a big card-index of many such books.  Ross has a Science Society.  I started a new group but it didn't last two meetings.  One day I will develop Oortism.  (After developing oughtism, foughtism, haughtism, noughtism, taughtism, wroughtism.)

  8. DIY - now & then.  V difficult as need to keep an eye on my wife because of here and here.  One result here.

4  Personal characteristics

Some have been outlined
  1. Within the limited amount of reading so far, what is apparent is that aspies cannot interpret body-language within non-verbal communication (NVC).  Before 1.3, I taught NVC.  The male in the article is far too jolly here.  No doubt in France.

  2. I can deliver an outlandish short rendition (seemingly anecdotal) and be believed

  3. The latest communication with the vicar includes a request to be allowed to do the cleaning

  4. The stories begin with my carer-life's Mission A to persuade people to pronounce Teresa's name. more

  5. If aspies leave projects dangling, then read Persecutor- Victim page here and English here. 

  6. more later

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