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This page includes bold text and red text.  If all this were sent in an email, there's no certainty that these arrive as sent.

Blue text provides additional comment on an email  well after being sent.  Red text, apart from dates, provides comment on wider issues.  Some text is now in bold. 

Best wishes etc omitted

On 23-May H-16 12:47 PM,

The booklets have been dealt with.  I have answered as if my wife had been in better health.  If I am accused of completing questionnaire myself, it was with Shirley's full authority.  She had sent them to me for completion.

The activity has set me thinking about the best way forward.  I suggest you proceed as normal and see how it goes.

However, there is no question of going beyond 30 mins on any occasion.  That means 20 mins for the booklet and ten mins of etc.  If you are happy with that, see you soon.

Maybe meet sooner.

We hope to attend the Leom DMC on Wednesday 25 May [[[ 25 May now updated to either Tues 31 May or Weds 1 June]]].  Teresa and I could be spared for half an hour. This was for Shirley to to do her work with us.  It never happened which was her choice. Normally, Tuesday is best as she attends daycare centre in Ross on Thursdays and much prefers a day of rest between events.

If Weds 25 [[[either Tues 31 May or Weds 1 June]]]  in Leom suits you, I propose to post the booklets later today [[[possibly Thurs 26 May]]] so that you can skate through them before.  What could be more cooperative?

If you prefer Leom for short sessions, don't hesitate to say.  [[[ either Tues 31 May or Weds 1 June could be used as collection-by-you dates if no session is run.  If a diplomatic bag  runs between you and Leom DMC, it's another choice]]]

Info of potential use can be found at     Teresa Harrison Update 16 May 2016 here



26 May H 9:50 pm


Shall I post the booklets or bring them to the Leom DMC next week? What could be more cooperative?  


In an attempt to follow protocol. I contacted Ms Jaques to explain that I hope to be involved in starting a DMC in Ross.  She has said that there has been interest already.  Do please pass my contact info in that direction as appropriate.

Can we add that to our agenda when we meet?   Never discussed.

On 27-May E-16 8:17 AM, 

I am mainly on leave this week hence slowness of reply.

I see that you have suggested we don't meet next Friday. I can meet you on the 1st for about an hour and a half at 1pm on the 1st in Leo which might be better.

I am collating all the info about people wanting to set up Meeting Centres so we can discuss then?  Knowing how keen I am to start a DMC in Ross, this info was never discussed or given to me.  I suggest that it is done now.

On 27-May E-16 12:03 PM,

I don't want to impinge on your MC time but it would seem sensible to meet there. I will let Debbie know. 

Please bring booklets with you .  A good indication that she knew I had completed them.

 27-May H

Hope not too many calls on your hol time.

Weds 1 June is our Leom DMC session that week.  Do you need to inform Debbie that I won't be in on the activities then (Teresa's personal care but will check before we start)?  Presume Teresa will have her first 20 min session with you during that 90 mins.

Will post the booklets very soon.

29 May H 10:19

Lots more via

30 May H 2016 20:47

Subject: Re: Update - Leom DMC + the booklets

Hope you're in the office on Tuesday morning as the booklets await you.  Completed - of course.  If Shirley had not sent them to me, and if I had not completed them, she would have been wondering how they were going to be done.  It's all a matter of her understanding of the requirements.  I cannot be blamed for anything.  Least of all, knowingly locking my wife and I out of the project.  I put hours of work into these booklets all for nothing.  Ditto these pages  when I reflect on the mind-set of the accuser.  

Lots more on and via your page

1 June E

Dear Maddy

 Please may I introduce you to Alan Harrison who is looking  at the possibility of a Meeting  Centre in Ross – or Gloucestershire. He was at the Saxon Hall event.

 I am  ensconced  in data collection at the moment – in fact I think it might be difficult to move anything  forward without the results of the evaluation (Feb 2017). However I will be working on developing a network and some form of support during the summer.

 02 June H 2016 00:18
 Meeting Centres in Hereford

 Thanks.  LFTM Maddy soon.


Further to the Droitwich idea.

If TV etc coverage were to be set up and with me having an involvement as outlined, 

TV at max is only going to show 2 mins.  Assuming some able-bodied participants will dance, I hope others will play instruments, bang drums etc. I have numerous percussion instruments re here

((and will write to Brandon Trust CEO re your visit))  By now, it was plain that Shirley was behind schedule so nothing was done.  

If > 2 mins can be negotiated, can the wider aspects of Droitwich DMC be included?
I'll need to visit at least once before the filming.
A more complicated way is to send a video to the TV company.  At least, we can create it as and when.
If D materialises, it can also be the basis of a request that the TV Co creates a 30 min prog.

The video can go on websites including ADS.

Foot of page - my piper website.


Which all sounds like a nightmare for you so I won't be upset if you decide against the idea.  Nothing was done.

If you decide otherwise, I'm keen and Looking Forward  TMeeting those at Droitwich.

We'll need a discussion before I set sail - with Teresa probably.



The main links are now in one box on your Home page

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Hope you enjoyed coloured squiggles today.

On 06-Jun E-16 8:36 AM, Shirley Evans wrote:

 Thanks for this. I really enjoyed the squiggles last week and didn’t think I would but I certainly did and everyone seemed to get loads out  of it.

 It would be  really good  if  we could organise an event such  as described on your site – I really like your playlists. There are quite a few who would enjoy dancing. Filming – they have had quite a bit  of filming recently – this  for example  Can't see what to see.

 I look forward to see you soon – I am  not at LMC for a couple of weeks  at least on  a Weds.

15 June H


No Maddy reply?

Do you know why?

On 13-Jun-E 16 1:03 PM,  

Hi –thanks for this will have a good look asap  - hopefully a bit of space tomorrow.

 In terms of an event at Droitwich it is not really my call/area and it would be best if you contact the manager there Sam Arnold

 I will mention it to him when I see him on Wednesday.  No feedback. 

 08 June H 2016 17:31

Re: Meeting Centres in Hereford


Here's the marketing package I mentioned on Tuesday.  I haven't heard from Maddy yet re tomorrow.  I presume not to send anything to her or anyone else yet.

MEETINGDEM  Navigation page here or via

Stock up on midnight oil.


08 June H

You kindly say that we could organise an event such  as described on your site.  Would you mind saying which event.  No reply sent due to a range of no answers from SE

Thanks re Spotify.  That page needs editing. 

Re Leom DMC, Tuesday is the most likely.

What immediate action is in progress re Droitwich client recruitment?   Another no answer.


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Hope you enjoyed coloured squiggles today.

 missing emails

20 June H 5 28 pm

Given that Teresa is well, yes.

Between you and me, I had decided not to go on Weds due to the limited description on the programme.  Asked Debbie to elaborate but she may be on hol.

Wednesday 22nd

AM- Massage and Swimming, ANOTHER visit from a hedgehog for those who missed her…

PM -Psychomotor session


This is deep in the plan and I can only highlight the nav page here

to enable you to see the extent of it.

Hope to see you on Weds

20 June H 2016 13:55

DMC webpages

Hope it is snowing less. She had said she is snowed under. 
In case you haven't seen any of my output, here is a taster.  Source not given as there's enough here for the moment.

Feedback will help me see if I'm on the right track. No reply

1     Momentum

1.1  Lack of momentum

  1. The principal impediment to making progress within the aim of continuity of the two DMCs and the creation of new ones is the system itself.
  3. ADS and others know this but recruits won’t take long to delve into it.  Is what you say in 7 going to answer any questions?
  5.  No. 1 is summed up by the Senior Research Fellow who coordinates the practical aspects of running the project, Dr S E    on 1 June.  The first sentence is the discouraging factor for recruits to cope with.
  7. “I think it might be difficult to move anything forward without the results of the evaluation (Feb 2017). However I will be working on developing a network and some form of support during the summer.”
  9. The website author looks forward to hearing more about the second sentence.  He looks forward to being able to add to any new momentum by the acceptance of this series of pages by U of W.  More here.
  11. Ignore the evaluation restriction.  Find ideas not demanding lots of £.   Leap into a new dimension such as rural considerations here.  Ride the headlines on a kilted-Giraff.


1.2   More about the evaluation   This is not intended as making changes to the evaluation.  It  points out weaknesses.

  1. The principal impediment to making progress within the aim of continuity of the two DMCs and the creation of new ones is the system itself.
  3. There is a publicly accessible page on the Carerworld website which includes  5,7,9,11    Source later. If it needs editing, that can come later.  We are addressing recruits at an early meeting.  Register adjusted accordingly.
  5. Let’s suppose there are 100 couples/pairs involved. Cared-for and carer. They are split into two groups.
  7. Group A couples/pairs are studied and asked questions etc but attend normal daycare facilities. Group B attends DMCs and are asked questions. There’s no need for specific group members to know about the other group.
  9. Both groups are asked questions involving morale, mood, depressive symptoms, self-esteem, etc.
  11. Notes are taken on how long it takes anyone to be admitted to a care home.
  13. The assembled throng is given appropriate explanation of the jargon.  couples/pairs  for a start
  15. Once discussion is underway, the thorny issue of 1.2.11 is developed.
  17. The short duration of the project is unlikely to produce anyone to talk about.  How is this being addressed?  2.1 is particularly relevant.

The point here is that the recruits are on their own path to a new DMC.  They will want to know what has happened elsewhere/before.

Source of 5,7,9,11   at FAQ in 3 via

20 June E 4 14 pm

Thanks for your email and comments. Perhaps we could meet to discuss your comment/observations below?   I am at Leominster this Wednesday – interviewing but should be free at 3 pm? Is that any good for you?

The meeting took place.  Shirley did not say that there were problems within my completion of the booklets.  Most of the topics which had not been dealt with as above, were not referred to in the meeting.