An exploration of the UK carer world

                 Bang to rights  not quite what we want but let's make a good clang!

Carers Rights Day 2013                               Carer rights Home page here           

In case you missed the Introduction, it is here.



Carers Rights Day (CRD) is about getting carers the information and advice they need to claim benefits, access practical support and find out how technology can help take the pressure off.  source

Care & Support Bill here.  A listof Acts and other resources is here.

How carers' rights and entitlements will be changing here.

More at Carer rights Home page here 


Find your county event. Paste    Carers Rights Day 2013   or  Carers Rights Day 2014  into Google etc and your county name.


Herefordshire Carers Support has organised its CRD 2013 event (in Archive) here.        



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