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Text-size, at times, changes outwith my control.

Update 21 Oct 

                           Further to 17 Oct, 2, click here.

Update 17 Oct 

                1         This page has been revamped.

                           It's the first of all HCS pages on the source site to go  to the same site.

                2a         The HCS section now includes Carers Rights Day  One reason for that is that the

                            Ross Carer Group includes members with Internet access.  That site can no longer cope 

                            with new pages and will soon find its way here, once the go-ahead is given.  To save an 

                            email, I'll proceed on Monday 21 Oct at noon.   In the meantime, pages might be added. 

                            They won't be intra-linked yet which causes a lot more work if the URL (browser address)                             is changed.

                  2b        The Madley members were given a song sheet with the address for the Ross site.  It was for the Clap 

                              Your Hands song along with the Dem Carers song which they sang.  See the foot of the page here.

                 3          In support of 2, there's a new page here which includes books by Prof Clements.  

                             I  borrowed his Rights book via HW within  4.   

                             I've bought his Community book (a true door-stopper) and can bring it if there's interest.

                 4         HW and I talked in early September and the matter of a  local article being published                                       was  raised.  If it is to emerge in time for the Ross November meeting, time is pressing.  It would 

                            be under her name and wouldn't need my name to be attached.  It would, of course, 

                            include  the Group website URL.  ie

                  5        One reason for the article is to promote the Xmas lunch with mention of turning up in                                     Nov to the group meeting,  if that's within policy. However, just turning up for the lunch without 

                             warning must be prevented.

                            There was animated enthusiasm for a group meeting so that members can tell everyone about their                                      hobbies.  The article could include that along with a further welcome for those who like singing.  

                  6        Which appropriately takes us back to the iPad.  At the Oct meeting of  Ross Carer 

                            Group, ideally soon to be Ross Carer Support Group, members were keen to explore  

                             making a DVD.  With plenty of time before the Xmas lunch, I feel a carol coming on.  

                   7        Fairly recently, I heard about a website meeting.  It's now over, of course.  When I look                                  at the website, it's obvious that something isn't right.  I am collecting a list of mishaps which may be of                                use to those who deal with the site.


                   8a         In the light of the new Ross Carer Group website having emerged, I'm keen to follow all policy relating to                                     such ventures.  

                   8b          Eventually, such policy could include control.  Many organisations, as is common knowledge,                                             incorporate local websites into their system. Look at the U3A here.   Local branches are given a 

                               variety of website formats to use as it sees fit - up to a point.  There's a central body which keeps                                      tabs.  


                    8c       The local members who make the decisions determine what goes on their website.  

                               Someone takes responsibility for putting it into effect.  She/he is given a password. 

                    8d       All this might go into the melting pot.  There may be little flame under it just now.  

                                Keeping abreast of technology is important. 

                    8e        I rest my (brief)-case.  The full case will follow according to response.  It includes the 

                                pros and cons along with £ considerations.

                     9          As readership has increased,  HCS's Rag-Time Band no longer appears here. (Save it?

                                         Just tell me  if other pages ought to be amended or disappear. 

Update 15 Oct 

                             This page when revamped and all the songs will find their way to The UK Carers World

Update 15 Oct 

                              Dean Forest Crossroads is now on board.

Update 14 Oct 

                1    a      Thanks to HW,   The Hot-water Bottle song had its debut in Madley today.  Hymn-sheet.

                      b      That was printed with Clap Your Hands on an A5 sheet.  

                      c      HW has copies along with Dem Carers

                      d      You could start singing if you haven't been singing to the webpages

                      e       There's two Word docs via email if it's easier

                2           There's "Call You and Yours" on Tuesday 15 Oct at 12:04 on Radio 4.  0370 010 0444 

                             and the programme is, of course, on other week-days at the same time.                 

Thursday 10 October 2013                          


Using my respite time yesterday on the motorway to Birmingham to see family, You and Yours was on the radio.  It was useful as far as carers are concerned.  The page is now here.

These notes remain:

This page will be too basic for many at HCS.  It serves as a starting point when rewriting it for carers etc.

As the email today says, CC and CD email addresses aren't right.  Would you mind advising them?


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