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Here is edited text from a leaflet produced by Herefordshire Carers Support:   


     The Trustees and Staff of Herefordshire Carers Support invite you to

                       Carers Rights Day

                    Friday 29th November 2013 - 0930 - 1430

                       Free lunch and free parking provided

                                          6reat Western Railway Staff Association Club

                                    Barton Yard, Hereford, HR4 OAZ   (opposite Sainsbury's) 

Find out what HCS Patron Baroness Jill Pitkeathley and Public Law Expert Professor Luke Clements think of the new Care & Support Bill   more.

Find out how Carers health can be protected.  Listen to Director of Public Health, Elizabeth Shassere.  

Start your festive shopping at the Carers Christmas Market. 


   Herefordshire Carers Support Local GP Awards 2013  are being presented.  More at foot of page here.



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2   Carers and their rights - book by Prof Clements

2a  Who is a carer?
There is no single definition of a ‘carer’ (often referred to as ‘caregivers’ in the USA). The law makes reference to carers in
many contexts. In general, when a social services department is deciding what services to provide for a disabled person, it
should consider the views of significant people in that person’s life. This will include people who provide some form of care for that person (usually family members or friends or neighbours) be that physical care or emotional support, advice or advocacy support etc. In this guide a carer is a person who provides care to another person and is not paid for providing that care (nor is she or he providing the care as a volunteer placed into the caring role by a voluntary organisation). 

2.1 here

2b  The rights of all carers 

All carers (regardless of whether they provide, or intend to provide, regular and/or substantial amounts of care) have the
right to have their views taken into account by a social services department when it is considering how best to make provision for a disabled person.

3.11 here

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Other issues


Not from the book but consider the right, as a caree,  to die -  here  

                                                                                                                 Sept. 2013, in  Australia - here.

The social work blame culture: How it feels when a child on your social work team’s caseload dies - heremore


Carers to receive legal rights under new laws  7 May 2013  here    




Baroness Jill Pitkeathley - more here  here  here

Professor Luke Clements  -  more on books here   Carer law in print here.

Elizabeth Shassere - here  

west midlands strategic commissioning group - Herefordshire CCG‎ 
2 Jul 2013 - JD Jo Davidson. Director of People's Services, Herefordshire Council. ES Elizabeth ShassereDirector of Public Health (Herefordshire Council).                 source

Elizabeth Shassere is the Local Authority Representative - Herefordshire Clinical CommissioningGroup here.


All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers  - 15th January 2013  

Baroness Jill Pitkeathley introduced the meeting’s speakers and briefly outlined the changes coming in as a result of recent legislation on the NHS and Social Security and the draft Care and Support Bill which could have a considerable impact on carers. Baroness Pitkeathley noted that both she and Barbara Keeley MP are serving on the Scrutiny Committee for the draft Bill.




We are children and young people who are also Carers. We believe we should have the same rights as other children and young people ...

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Booking now for Carers Rights Day

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