An exploration of the UK carer world

Introducing Google to the Carer World   page created 23 Oct and is hidden


Thanks for your interest.  You have been plunged into the UK Unpaid Carer World!

With that out of the way, let's start with Carers Rights Day here.

As you've gathered, this is about an eye-catching Google video etc geared to 29 November after seeing the parachute video the other day.

A preliminary thought I've had is based on this.>>>>>>

The vid might show lots of carers, carees and health people all whizzing around with wheelchairs, cups of tea and whatever.  Watermark images might be hammers on anvils with the appropriate audio.  

It might include angry people such as Brian waving his fist.  He's in the middle, here

To the left of Brian is Enid who is lost in the jungle of care provision, itself surrounded by legal etc considerations.

Haven't yet used Enid above under extreme stress.


Also haven't used Jenny who went bonkers in the jungle! 


There's songs building up here.  

There's probably enough here to help you decide. It's 1143 on 23 Oct and I can't do any more due to a carer meeting to go to.

There's  the obvious need to strike a balance between off-the wall and informative and it will follow.

This site is less than half-baked as seen in 2nd para in A here.   By the time people start clicking Google genius on 29 Nov, there'll be something even more worth pointing to.

Best wishes.

Alan H

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