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We listen nowadays in so many different ways since the blackout.  Who is the carer? more

Wednesday 9 October 2013      update 1 Nov - out of date and now archived                    


Using my respite time on the motorway to Birmingham to see family, You and Yours was on the radio.  It was useful as far as carers are concerned.


The programme is long and can be heard in a  minute.  That is - soon.  You'll need a good half hour before you reach the right spot.  Peel the potatoes but be ready with pen and paper.  


Perhaps people you know have started to talk about the programme.  The Care and Support Bill will already be fluent to many.  However, if those who work with carers and carees asked whether they heard the programme, if not on the day, they'll be able to render a suitable reaction.  They'll already be wired up to talk about the Carers Rights Day in their area . 


Here's a quick summary to help you decide whether the radio prog is worth its time.  There's no slider bar underneath the box to skate to the right place.

  1. 6m unpaid carers  
  2. £ and selling your home including ironing out regional variations
  3. Greater independence for the CQC
  4. An Older Persons Commissioner
  5. Three new Chief Inspectors to be written into law
  6. Continuation programme next Tuesday
  7. Home visits presently talked about as being 15 mins to increase to a minimum of 30 and to exclude travel time
  8. How best to integrate health care and social care
  9. The training of care support staff
  10. Advocacy

Listen to the prog on the radio.

This page will be too basic for many professionals.  It serves as a starting point for carers etc.

There will be updates as the topic progresses on You and Yours and elsewhere.

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