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Hereford local newspapers

         Hereford Journal here

         Hereford Times here


Mature Times  here

The Carers online Newspaper  here


  1. The toll of being an unpaid carer  here    No. 9 here

  2.   " little society gives a toss .".   end of second paragraph here   -  in context here

  3. Dementia theguardian  coverage here

  4. We can't yet cure Alzheimer's - selected text here  

  5. We can't yet cure Alzheimer's - full text here

  6.  â€˜Joey has opened my eyes' here

The Independent

More play for children, No. 12 here


A hidden army of six million people  here   

Sunday Post   

Who cares?    here

The Telegraphhere   

                           Daily Telegraph - Dementia page here

The Times - here

Links to websites - can be used for general searches as well

Before selecting a paper, these topics can be ready for pasting into search boxes:

Carers       Carers Support      Carers Rights Day

Unpaid carers    Young carers   Carers who work 

Unpaid carers rights  Young carers rights

Baroness Pitkeathly       Care Bill


Carers UK

More links here.

Broad searches - compare these

     Care and Support Bill example

     Draft Care and Support Bill  example

The first includes charities more prominently.  There are other differences. More on the Bill here.

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Mature Times

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