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Update  early on 11 August 

Amendment to the 7 Aug update

11:03 10 Aug  78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here    2g ACTION - Paras 9 & 10


Update 10 Aug  01:24  hidden page

I should be in bed as opposed to needing to write this.  Later this morning this page is to be read by others and one of them, it is hoped, will make contact with 2g.  That may take a few days.  My proposed visit will be delayed accordingly.    SP of AWB made contact.  

Update 11 July 2015 here     Hope to go to St Michael's Hospice carer/caree event here  24 July - no success

Update 11 Aug

SH phoned earlier and she is coming on Monday at 1130.  

SP - AWB has sent an email.


Although 2g is unable to provide me with a copy of the tests that 2g undertakes:

A - It depends on how they are conducted. At least enter into dialogue rather that go through a third party.

      When do I discuss the dementia triangle aspects?   Expect me on Weds 12 Aug at 1545.

B - The matter of my documents [ C4  here ] is unresolved.  Expect me on Weds 12 Aug at 1545.

C -  Why has 2g taken all this time to respond?    

D -  Please advise re complaints procedure

Within the obvious fact  that my requests are reasonable, the relevant material is now shown in larger red text here . Red text in normal size is within previous updates.  

This household has enough on its plate.  I  phoned the DNs ten  minutes ago (( it's still 11 Aug  )) about caree's pressure sore between her buttocks.   It looks vicious, obviously, it is very painful, and it is bleeding.  It is much worse than six months ago and it had healed.  While I take the blame for not checking, I must deal with the regular carer later this morning who hasn't noticed it developing.  

12:48 - 10 Aug            DN has been.(S a on = name)  Returning Thursday.  Said glad I had phoned.  Confirmed what I                                       had thought. 

                                    Risk of problems such as urinary tract infection.  Caree prone to it as witnessed at                                                         Worcester   

                                    However, DN said she would return in two days.             She did not..

Update 7 August

The similar text below now reads:

In the event of no reply by noon on Tuesday 11 August, I will call at the office on Wednesday 12 August at 1545.  You leave me no alternative.  It is too long after speaking to AD and her manager.  It is obvious 2g has adopted the Alibi approach referred to below.  When I arrive, please ensure that there is a senior person to deal with.

Update  early on 11 August 

The scored text remains as you have had sufficient time for me to conclude that no reply is your decision. The 24 July update said "In the event of no reply by noon on Tuesday 28 July, I will call in at the office as soon as possible thereafter.". 

You will be contacted by a member of the local Adult Wellbeing team in due course.  I have said let's hope all this reduces to crossed wires.

Update 28 July at No. 5

Deleted pending uncrossing wires.

Update 24 July all update headings and short additions are in red text

Two weeks will have elapsed by the time AD has read this update.  In the context of no response, the conclusion has been reached that there will be no reply without intervention.  That is unacceptable. More within the page on The Alibi Society here.

I want to see evidence of  the Triangle of Care for Dementia which describes how meaningful involvement  and inclusion of carers can lead to better care for people with dementia.   (my emphasis)

The Dementia Triangle of Care 

Developed by the Royal College of Nursing in conjunction with the Carers Trust here.   One anticipates that 2g has been involved in the project.  If not, it will be, at least, aware of it. Such a shame it has chosen to ignore it.         

Please text 07952 060 505 to confirm when I should anticipate a response.  If you phone or email here, please outline future action.  This should include the requested documents.

In the event of no reply by noon on Tuesday 28 July, I will call in at the office as soon as possible thereafter.  That is likely to be taken out of my respite time which is not ideal.  Perhaps a Wednesday soon at 1545.


Other updates in context here.

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