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Dear Mr W                                                        05 02 2017                                                     hidden page 

update 6 Feb

As far as I know, Mark Hemmings has been involved in the MHSG.

  1. SH and LB turned up unexpectedly on 3 Feb re my wife.  I now look forward to good relationship with 2g. 

  2. SH will let you know what we discussed.

  3. One task for you is to catch up with who  last attended the Ross on Wye Mental Health and Well-being Steering Group and their perspective of why 2g attendance has been cut short.  I can send Minutes if a problem.

  4. You are the logical presence at the next meeting.  Before that, you are recommended to attend a public meeting instigated by the group


  6. I was surprised SH hadn't heard of Phil Shackell.  If you cannot track him down let me know.

  7. My aim is for you to find out about him and the MHSG  before you attend the public meeting and certainly before you contact him.  I hope to introduce him to you next Wednesday.  He says he has made contact with 2g re the meeting.

  8. Simon Lennane diagnosed me re autism just before Xmas.  SH/LB will tell you more.  I cannot put it in writing.


I told SH I'd send some links:

Medication list and medical history here 

TDH Health summary June 2016  here      

Six-item Cognitive Impairment Test (6CIT)  here

Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here updated 05 02 2017

Look at later - Family-produced tests Home page  here   

My wife has FTD but she can astound me on occasions - positively! 


SH is giving my phone numbers to prospective participants within the 

Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - Home page here 

I see all such people as soon as possible as there is to be a public meeting in mid March.  It will take time as it sounds as if there's quite a few to see - good.

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