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                                                                going up or coming down?

The way forward from 13 October 2015

We have met, 2g is reacting to the meeting, and is looking at how it could work collaboratively with Professor and Mrs Harrison in the future.  

With so much text to deal with, the more important text is brought to this page in order to help 2g optimise its response. 

The most important person is Mrs Harrison and her care is of most importance to her husband.

He has just started this page.  While it proceeds, 2g is asked to prepare its response based on what it has seen so far.  We need to be sure we are on the same mountain and going in the same direction - towards level ground.

Mrs Harrison's care plan

Clearly - the one-liner is unacceptable  "To remain on Donepezil 5mg   CDN review yearly"

This part of the plan "Alzheimer's Society support when needed. Lorna Butcher is your Dementia advisor" further demonstrates the inadequacy of the plan.  Her phone number is given but under what circumstances does one contact her?    

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