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Hereford Memory Service [HMS] protest page 3 Nov 2015    More of angry Brian to come.

Notes to 2g 9 July 2015   (Homepage) here    Update at B/1     

Preamble - not printed on that which follows


The link to this page was given to two HMS staff on 29 October 2015.  


It follows a previous page printed on green paper and stuck with difficult  glue to the HMS front doors - times five.  here


The present page has been printed [30 copies] on the largest available paper - A1 ready for processing as in A and for being glued to major store windows in the centre of Hereford.  When the time comes.  The page ends with a demand  .   .   .   .   .   . 

B (in A5 format)  is destined for the NEC conference on Dementia on 4 November to be accompanied by the song from here.

Update 25 May 2016 major store windows in the centre of Hereford were not attacked.  Neither was the  NEC conference on Dementia on 4 November 2015.  Nasty glue on 2g Hereford windows did the trick.

The page begins now.


HMS is a Hereford arm of the  2gether NHS Foundation Trust which provides specialist mental health and learning disability services to the people of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.  This page concerns one carer’s dissatisfaction with HMS over a period of three months to the end of October 2015.

  1. Re the words “sorry” and “action”, HMS only attempts to use “sorry” vacuously 

  2. When HMS does act it is only when exposure is threatened

  3. It took HMS two months of emails and hidden website pages to begin a dialogue which began with a complete lack of proper investigation internally

  4. Four staff members attended a meeting a month ago  Only 5% of the promises were kept

  5. Being put in touch with a support group was a key part of the promises  No sign of it one month later

  6. It took seven very well stuck A4 sheets on its front windows to produce emails and a letter saying HMS is sorry 

  7. But still nothing apart from another meeting (forgotten) to translate the Care Triangle into action

  8. It states that the carer should be involved in the caree’s treatment That is so obvious, it doesn’t need to be formalised  However, it does in the case of HMS

  9. Apart from grand notices on the website announcing that 2gether has joined the Care Triangle many years too late, no HMS staff members were prepared to acknowledge it until their noses were rubbed in it

  10. HMS continues to observe this carer’s stress without proper action 

  11. A manager has been made aware of my request to discuss the situation with the 2gether Chairman

  12. A follow-up letter, yet again, of sorrow but no action, made no mention of the request

  13. That request is now a demand

  14. Update 30 Nov 2015  The meeting took place.  Careless attitudes are top-down within 2g.  The 2g Deputy Chairman couldn't remember my name when I went to talk to him recently within a person--centred discussion. Platitudes such as people make mistakes  won't wash in the 2g type of organisation.

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                                       23 Oct 2015 - A4 protest sheet here    see A above   

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