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                  Life for carees and carers is complicated enough without needing to cope with 2g

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Created 21 August 2015

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The carer world is a series of mountains which, for many unpaid carers, the sides are too steep.  The mountains are  populated by, in the main, competent professionals.  Others, well, they think they are professional  providers.  A very low % = too many who are gatekeepers and/or display many varieties of incompetence.  We will come to "Why does it need to be like this?"     The lower No 1 here

Repeat       "A very low % = too many who are gatekeepers and/or display many varieties of incompetence."  

That applies nationally ideally.  The problem is that most of the "very low %" are within 2g.

I am busy dealing with caring for my wife + emails re a replacement car  here needed for our return to the disability hotel here in early September.  (3 here ) 

The larger mountain above represents an NHS department which is unresponsive, intractable, and mystifying.  

The lack of a proper response is only one aspect of unpaid carers feeling exasperation and suffering from invisibility.

Some relevant extracts have been posted to this page.  Others will be collected and new aspects of the problems will ensue.  (4 here ) 

Some of the key issues are:

  1. Lack of a proper response in early and mid-July 
  2. No response until the intervention of a third party which I had asked to be involved
  3. X has communicated important information via the third-party - entirely unprofessional
  4. Lack of thought and, more precisely, lack of proper investigation resulting from 2.




It has taken a long time to gain a proper response and that in the wake of the possibility of a complaint. 


The  Y consideration is indicative of lack of thought - a factor seemingly widespread within  X  If proper attention had been given to my initial requests the present predicament would not have occurred.


Carer has no interest in whitewashing internal complaint procedures.  He would prefer to spend that energy on, initially,  attacking the philosophy of  certain departments within the  X office not having public access.   

3.1.1  here

That is absolutely no excuse for hiding and not facing people.  I therefore call for, no, demand, a meeting. 

3.1.2  here


 C – I am sorry you feel that the Trust has taken a long time to respond. 

11b/1  Said as if it is untrue. The Trust as taken an exceedingly long time to respond.  All this started early in July. That has been a deliberate decision not to reply.  


The public mind is set against intractable organisations which act as the Trust has.  The public mind knows that the only way to respond is to complain, demand, and name and shame.  The  somewhat buried threat of exposure as seen in my tongue-in-cheek newspaper article has had its effect.  However, it won't be opened as it's my wife who would suffer.      11a et seq here

12 i)

The public mind indulges in the undelivered complaint.  People go to great lengths to dissipate their frustration by talking about the current problem rather than taking action.  Insufficient numbers know what to do and need orgs such as those you mention in your email.  Too many never get as far as using advocacy. 

12 ii)

Too many feel that outcomes such as Winterbourne covert cameras etc are the only solution.  In a wider context, whistle-blowing is a result.

'Blame culture' has led to a growth in procedures to minimise risk but this approach undermines trust, and underpins risk aversion.'  source here

12 iii)  

Too many need to rely on the involvement of third party orgs. 

Let's hit the headlines.  Let's not hit the negative pilliative NHS  headlines..

I can talk to the trustees.    

Caree is cared for by her husband who has also noticed memory troubles with his wife."  Understatement.  As with                      this unnecessary and unwarranted  x saga, carer goes to great lengths to ensure caree receives the best possible medical      attention.  This website includes numerous descriptions of the failing NHS and other provision.   No. 8 here

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