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HMS Letter 29 Sept 2015


Date of Birth: 5 Jul 1936, NHS No: 610 707 9319

It was a pleasure to meet with you together with your husband on the 17/08/15.

Presenting Situation and Care Plan

Medication Donepezil 5mg no side effects reported

Blood pressure sitting 125/77 pulse 77

Herebrookes memory test score 23/30 loosing hmm points with attention, memory and visuospatial. 

NPI 1/144 your score was one as you have had a slight weight loss. Mood remains stable as on Mirtazapine.

Activities of daily living 23/60 You have a carer as your poor mobility and physical restrictions limit you with everyday tasks. Your husband explained that he prepares all your meals and runs the household; he is your main care support.

We discussed the importance of carer breaks for which your husband has already sorted out. The situation was far from being sorted out and it has worsened.

We discussed social activities and you had great joy in talking to us about your recent holiday, you have dismissed the memory cafe and singing for the brain as you no longer attend.  We have never attended Singing for the Brain and do not dismiss it - all in good time..  We may attend the local  memory cafe if it proves to be satisfactory


To remain on Donepezil 5mg

CDN review yearly

Alzheimer's Society support when needed. Lorna Butcher is your Dementia advisor

Memory Assessment Service – provide assessment and diagnosis ...Community Dementia Nurse (working in collaboration with GP) annual review and short episodes of treatment/ intervention and signposting as required  Why not included in the Plan - letter 28 Sept plus more on "how the team could work collaboratively with Professor and Mrs Harrison in future"?  Why was this not included? "Review visit to be arranged with Sarah Harris (Community Dementia Nurse) with Jodie to review the plan collaboratively develop milestones and therapeutic activities with Professor & Mrs Harrison."   source 4 here

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As we agreed I have copied this letter and Care Plan to your GP, Dr Clayton  Info two years out of date.  Should have been addressed to Dr Lennane as pointed out at least twice within this set of pages.

I look forward to meeting with you again, however if you have any questions about this please contact me on the above number. Our service is available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Other organisations you can contact directly that may be able to help further:

Alzheimer's Society: 0845 300 0336

Social Services: 01432 260101

Herefordshire Carers Support: 01432 356068 - they can help you with your benefits

Who to contact if things get worse:

YourGP: 01989563646 

Dementia Advisor: 01432 371137 

Hereford Memory Team: 01432 845731

In an Emergency / Out of Hours: ——     - -

Please contact your out-of-hours GP Service (Primecare) on 0330 123 9309 or NHS Direct on 1 1 1 . If you need information or advice outside our normal hours you can contact the Out-of-Hours Service User Phone Line on 01432 364046.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Harris

Community Dementia Nurse

Cc: Relative/Carer- Professor Harrison

For information about medicines, visit www.choiceandmedication

You are welcome to comment on any aspect of your Care Plan, whether it is good or bad. Will anything be done?

First discuss your Care Plan with your Care Coordinator/Lead Professional, or their -----————————————————-       Manager.    -- ——————  -If you prefer, you can contact 

the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on 08000 304 563 or e mail:


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