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Team Manager – Memory Service - JT -  sent email 21 Aug which explained that her line managers are both currently on leave.  JT will try and arrange a meeting as soon she can when they have returned from annual leave and will send carer via email some dates to see if they are convenient for him and daughter if  as he wishes that she accompanies him.  [She has LPA re caree and carer for £ and health.}

There is plenty to be done before the meeting.


C1.3  Request

Lists of the “What year is it?” questions and similar are just one approach I assume are used at 2g and I ask to be given as much as possible to help caree.  Also, please supply record sheets so that performance can be tracked and fed to you, CPNs, in GP discussion, perhaps DNs etc. 

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Note 31 8 2015    - look here.  


C4  OCD - 2011- AFH   a request

My file should hold two plastic-comb-bound files I used with CB within CBT in 2011.  Please return them. They are my property.  

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Reply 29 9 15 to email from JT 28 9 15 suggesting meeting dates which cannot be accommodated by caree and carer.

Dear JT                                                    cc JL & SP

JL is Senior Practitioner within local  AW.  SP is my case worker who is about to read the wholly unwarranted and unnecessary 2g saga here

My wife and I are away at a disability hotel here    from 2 - 10 Sept and the suggestion for the 11th is too soon after, thank you.  SP was to have conducted email said will conduct a caree assessment in the afternoon if my wife is sufficiently healthy.  Not included in the email is 2g Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here.

I need to consult our elder daughter and will advise.  In the meantime please attend to the page here
as previously requested and shown in left column on the left <<<<.  I need items for the meeting and need to refresh well in advance.

Please acknowledge the page here
and more importantly, state that I will have a significant involvement.  If the answer is no, cancel the meeting and I will attack the issue from a different angle.  Not emphasised in the email




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