An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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The key issues are

  1. Lack of a proper response in early and mid-July 
  2. No response until the intervention of a third party which I had asked to be involved
  3. 2g has communicated important information via the third-party - entirely unprofessional
  4. Lack of thought and, more precisely, lack of proper investigation resulting from 2.  Finally, on 11 August, an email arrived from the Service Experience Department.  It was necessary to phone to establish its author. It is TC.
  5. Vis a vis a caree assessment meeting which took place on Monday 17 Aug,  I had demanded a separate meeting.    
  6. I had stated that a CDN should not be involved in the solution of a problem within the 2g management domain.  The CDN and one other knew nothing of this unwarranted saga,
  7. A  page            2g must improve           ensued.

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