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Meeting - JT, SH, AFH - 29th October 2015 at The Knoll

Meeting with Professor Harrison, Sarah Harris CDN and Jodie Thomas, Team Manager Memory Service  29th October 2015 2pm The Knoll Ross on Wye

Thomas, Jodie wrote:

Good Afternoon Professor Harrison,

Thank you for meeting with Sarah and myself at the Knoll yesterday

I hope you have had a beneficial appointment with Dr Lennane today

Please find below a  summary of our meeting and I hope you agree it is a fair reflection on the many things we discussed and of the plan we agreed together

As discussed please do call me if you wish to discuss anything further. I am as we also discussed on leave now until 16th November

With very best wishes

Jodie Thomas

Team Manager , Memory Service

Professor Harrison to write a person centred cognition prompt and monitoring form which he will send through to Jodie/Sarah.  See later.


Meeting with Professor Harrison, Sarah Harris CDN and Jodie Thomas, Team Manager Memory Service  29th October 2015 2pm The Knoll Ross on Wye

Jodie checked with Professor Harrison that they had received the copy of the care plan for his wife that had been completed by Sarah after the home visit on 17th August 2015. Professor Harrison confirmed this had been received along with the copies of all the formal assessments we complete with our patients within Memory Service.


Professor Harrison noted he objects to a “one line care plan”   Explained the role of a CDN and that this is within Primacy care where first port of call is GP and that the CDN works with the GP. Also explained that CDN role is to visit yearly for a medication review with short term interventions/ support if required.


Talked about the triangle of care and Professor Harrison agreed that” vaguely” we at The Memory Service work in this way. Jodie discussed that the triangle of care is a process of how we do and have always worked. We always involve cares in the care of the patients and that in the case of Mrs Harrison Professor Harrison has at every stage been fully involved, integral and imperative in assessment, diagnosis, discussion around medication and any long term plans.


We discussed the use of formal testing to judge, monitor and gauge milestones and cognitive decline. All agreed Professor Harrison’s use of a person centred system using things e.g. flowers , names, sayings and music which is important and very relevant  to Mrs Harrison is a more beneficial way of judging this than using the formal testing which will be used within the yearly reviews by CDN’s.

Also discussed that Professor Harrisons is doing everything possible to ensure Mrs Harrison “ lives well with dementia” and remains as independent and active as possible. Talked about how he is continuing to maintain social stimulation and participate in activities outside the home and within the community “Living well with dementia” is The Memory Service ethos and what we  advocate for.


We discussed role of Alzheimer’s Society (gave Professor Harrison the file given out by them) and Dementia Advisors.  Professor Harrison felt this service would be useful for his wife and himself so Jodie will contact them and request they visit as soon as possible to provide the advice and support with more practical things along with information regarding the services offered by the society; which both Professor and Mrs Harrison could access and achieve some benefit from.


Professor Harrison talked about the issues he had encountered with Herefordshire Carers Support which he found very painful and upsetting to talk about. He would like some support to try and build bridges with them and is willing to meet them half way.

Jodie explained that the support groups that we at Hereford Memory Service refer people too is Herefordshire Carer Support and they are part of the triangle of care.


Professor Harrison described how he feeling mentally and that his current stress levels is affecting his memory and remembering things etc. Discussed how these feelings are possible symptoms of depression, Professor Harrison noted Dr Lennane had prescribed some antidepressants but he felt “fuzzy” when taking them.  It was explained that there are many different tablets/medications/ treatments that can be tried that can have an extremely beneficial effect.


It was noted the fact Professor Harrison has great faith in Dr Lennane and is going to see him tomorrow to discuss a referral to CMHT and possibly  to CPN Rosemary Carpenter. It was noted also that this is a positive thing and hopefully this referral can happen asap and Professor Harrison can access the help he requires with his own mental health.

Professor Harrison noted frustrations with Adult Social Care and the worry about being reassessed for his current level of carers break and the concern he has that it will be reduced. He also noted further frustration with the church and the inability to access bible reading sessions for his wife.


Professor Harrison gains some satisfaction from his work with clients who attend the Ryefield centre but this also causes frustrations as he feels the management at the centre don’t acknowledge how his work could be more beneficiary for the people who attend the centre.


Talked about how there can be differing opinions on medication and the care of his wife. Professor Harrison noted that when Mrs Harrison was unwell in Worcester, Oramorph was prescribed PRN but with regular paracetamol this has not been needed. Explained that there is research that states regular paracetamol is very beneficial for patients with memory issues.


Also discussed the Crisis and Contingency Plan for Mrs Harrison should and if Professor Harrison was unfortunately unable to continue his vital caring role. Professor Harrison notes he has Ice on his phone which is his daughter Rachel’s number who will look after and arrange care for Mrs Harrison in the first instance and will plan according to the presenting situation. Also discussed Professor Harrison having a “carers card” in his wallet (not HCS one)

Professor Harrison notes he has a very good efficient and part of the family cleaner called Sarah who spends a lot of time with them and is a great help and support to them both.

Professor Harrison noted he had requested a meeting with 2gther’s chairman but this hasn’t happened and he received a standard reply from their secretary.


Jodie did apologise to Professor Harrison for not arranging the meeting in a timely fashion. Professor Harrison noted he doesn’t want “sorry” but to have his requests actioned.  Jodie explained that some of the frustrations he is experiencing; we at 2gether are not able to assist with however together we devised a plan of action from this meeting.


Jodie explained that the building Professor Harrison had attached posters to didn’t belong to the NHS and is a private rented building. Professor Harrison gave Jodie a large poster which he notes he has thirty copies of, and had planned to stick to various buildings around Hereford.  Jodie asked Professor Harrison is there anything else she could do to help and to please keep in touch preferably to call and speak with her and if possible meet to discuss concerns face to face; which Jodie noted to be a more effective method of communication. Professor Harrison reported he likes meetings. 


Given to Professor Harrison leaflets regarding the carers support group held at Stonebow Unit on 1st Wednesday of the month, Information regarding membership at the Aspire building in Hereford, information regarding “Men’s group” also held at Aspire. More information regarding both local and national research into dementia/mental health, Woodside day services in Ross and Alzheimer’s Society pack along with 2gthers leaflet for carers. To post further leaflets on dementia, healthy lifestyles and some of 2gthers leaflets “ guidance for donors”, “handling personal information”, and “public membership”


Plan resulting from meeting

  • Professor Harrison to write a person centred cognition prompt and monitoring form which he will send through to Jodie/Sarah. This will include asking questions which involve things that would be more relevant and meaningful to Mrs Harrison. Professor Harrison will complete this form regularly and this will be reviewed with Jodie and Sarah in the New Year. Agreed this will be when we next meet

  • Jodie to contact Alzheimer’s Society to request they visit to offer their services

  • Social care to complete reassessment of Professor Harrison’s carers needs.

  • Professor Harrison to see  GP Dr Lennane tomorrow to discuss possible referral to CMHT and involvement from CPN ( hopefully Rosemary Carpenter)

  • Professor Harrison to consider contacting the team in Gloucester who are involved in The Triangle of Care

  • Professor Harrison to consider contacting the local 2gther research team to discuss involvement in any possible projects. He also may consider registering interest on their national website for dementia research.

  • Jodie to contact Annie Nightingale from communications  to express Professor Harrison’s wish to have his views considered with regard to 2gthers  website for carers

  • Professor Harrison to consider further if he wishes the staff here in 2gether to contact Herefordshire carers Support  to try and facilitate  a resolution to the current difficulties 

Dear Mrs Thomas                                                                                                         5 Nov 2015

Looking for another email reply much lower down than current ones, I have just discovered this.  I can never understand why my system does this.

"in the case of Mrs Harrison Professor Harrison has at every stage been fully involved" Had this been true, umpteen webpages would not have been necessary.

"this is within Primacy care"  The word is Primary.

the issues he had encountered with Herefordshire Carers Support" may be reduced as I spoke to Sharon Pugh on Thursday.

Thank you for a comprehensive summary.

I trust your holiday went better than those in Egypt recently.  




Professor Harrison to write a person centred cognition prompt and monitoring form which he will send through to Jodie/Sarah. 

I had already started this before the meeting and am surprised Mr Wallin did not tell you.  

Dear Mr Wallin      sent 26  October

Some work done for the meeting with JT and SH later this week, on the Family-produced tests page here

or via

Rachel has enough to do without seeing this.

I meant what I said on the phone about receiving answers and request you make a start by answering re who is going to the NEC next Wednesday Nov 4.

I very much hope it won't be necessary to list all my requests and suggestions.  I will need to buy more glue.



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