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2g Caree assessment 17 August 2015                                                      Home page here 

Present: caree, carer, SH, JT.   

SH & JT. would benefit from reading    -    TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here


Bristol Activities of Daily Living Scale - BADLS - here here    

Notes to 2g - Update 11 July 2015 here  Assessment 29 Sept 2014    No mention by SH or JT.


Medical scales here

The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) here.  

Alzheimer’s Society - Assessment and diagnosis pdf   Factsheet 426LP   here  

Assessing cognition in older people: a practical toolkit for health professionals here pdf


Q & A conducted by SH    


Do you have visions of strange people?   No.  Google


Do you see shadows, feel agitated?  No.


Do you worry?  No.


Are you happy to get out of bed?  Yes.


You don't say anything you wouldn't like to?  No. ie I don't say etc.  Curious Q wording for the situation..


Are you irritable at times?  No.


Do you play with objects over and over again?  No.   [Caree is still obsessional about proportion of bedding between us, doors, fluff, and folding clothes and napkins. source C1  Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital and the 1.6.5 item here. ]


Sleep well?  Yes.   "Mrs H has broken all records!  Three night consecutively and no hour-long session of getting up." Day 4 here.  On return, our nights were and are still broken by at least one session lasting an hour of caree on the commode.  Letter to be given to GP on 1 Sept.


Appetite?  Ten minutes on food.


Adapted cutlery? No.  I eat everything with spoon and fork.  More here.  Much more here.  


Carers in the morning?  I can do most of the washing.  Can't put my  trousers on.  Carer spoke about the main paid carer.  She went with caree/carer on a Canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck. here


JT - any mishaps in Porthcawl?  No.


Clean your teeth?  Yes.


Go shopping?!!!  My husband does it all.  Our elder daughter also takes me.  [Retail therapy but three times a year.] Carer said he does all the household organisation and shopping etc and it runs on the large scale into his respite time. 


Your finances?  No.  [Carer said that their elder daughter has £ LPA.] 


Games, hobbies. No.  


Three words to remember - lemon   key     ball                use pictures in your mind  


7 from 100            92       

7 from 92              97        

7          97             14

7          14               7


Repeat    -   All that glitters is not gold  


Wear glasses?     Some of the time.  Reading               Test conducted.


Three words to remember?    - lemon   key     ball 


Included carer asking     Where did we live after Scotland?     Couldn't remember.   It was Canterbury.

JT How long in Ross?      Couldn't remember.   11   years

Carer said he had asked 2g for tests   25 September update - absolutely nothing done in carer direction but a third party had been involved.


Carer asked about the test.  

SH said                         Herebrooks Test. Unable to source here.   

                                     The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) here.  Unable to source example.   

Carer did not say again in front of carer that such tests have been requested.

C1.3  Request

Lists of the “What year is it?” questions and similar are just one approach I assume are used at 2g and I ask to be given as much as possible to help caree.  Also, please supply record sheets so that performance can be tracked and fed to you, CPNs, in GP discussion, perhaps DNs etc.   

source here     25 September update - absolutely nothing done

Read 12 iv) to 12 viii) here.


See    3  A manifestation of dementia?  3/4 down the page here  

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