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30 Nov 1600 - Updating email - day-sheets posted 

On 24 Nov, a batch of forms arrived.  There were no hints given, nothing on why the forms are needed.  In fact, zero motivation to participate.  My initial reaction was to ignore the request.

Then I thought that what is needed is a way to find out what the care plan is.  That means filling them in.

I started to complete the forms.

Two days elapsed before concluding that focus is needed.  I reviewed what had been written and identified some focus points.  The third and fourth days started with typed headings etc which will be revised as necessary.

RC has the day-sheets.  Within them is a revised view of them.

Here is the  header graphic again:

 After five days, a working doc had reached this stage.  The legibility is being worked on.  RC has hard copy.

Here is one I have annotated.  The refs will be dealt with once a way of giving good legibility has been found.


Here is the top box but I cannot paste all the other text in the same way.

Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday       Friday       Saturday       Sunday             Xth Nov 2015         Alan F Harrison

Times (except carer) to nearest 30 mins  unless written precisely                                                                            Church   Y    N     


In RC's possession are five day-sheets.  They contain links as follows:

  1. Science in the afternoon = RSS = Ross Science Society  Note C   25 Nov here and here and later pages
  2. Songs and music for adults with special needs   Note A   25 Nov here
  3. Note A   26 Nov -  Spotify music here
  4. Note D 26 Nov  - Woodside Day Centre here
At th end of the first session, I offered RC one of the A4 sheets stuck to doors of HMS.  She ought to read it here.   If RC and anyone comments that webpages will not be looked at, cancel future interaction forthwith.  Place the day-sheets in your  large filing cabinet labelled "Clients we have failed".

Not looking at patient websites is an unforgivable failing.  You might as well have taken your car to be repaired and serviced and a week later, the lights failed.  When you went back you were told - "We don't deal with electrical aspects.  Go somewhere else for a proper service".  If 2g doesn't deal with patients with computer OCD, I'll follow the garage advice.

When I went to the Ross Carer Support Group run by HCS (stopped going 14 months ago to HCS events) there was a lot of negative talk about HMS and 2g.  My website was full of info.  Now it isn't.  here.  I have opened a hidden HCS page leading to more here.  I did a lot of work on IT here and the subsequent pages listed here.  When the wifi link failed to work, my son-in-law came to fix it.  All the work I had done was ignored by HCS.

I went to an Alzheimer meeting in Ross last week and the person I was placed next to had much to say about HMS and 2g - very negative comment. ("Placed" - therefore at random as I was late due to caree-cover problems.)

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All 2g pages except this are open to general readership.  That is the last thing I wanted but it has created a lot of email comment and support.  When interaction is on a proper footing and when 2g attends to much that has been identified within its pages, I will take its pages out of circulation.

TW has said the pages are difficult to navigate,  There is a hidden page link on every page which tells the reader how to save one page or more.  All the reader needs to do is save the Home page.  Every page carries a return link to it.  What could be more simple?  However, tell me the problem and I will answer with a solution.  Refresh your memory via the hidden page explanations.

I have put a new link on the Updates page which augments that on 4 Nov.

JT was to have passed my comments on your website to the appropriate staff.  I have heard nothing.


Is this the long-requested carer group?  If so, no discussion time it seems.

I left a message today, 30 Nov 0930 , for Carol Addison to ring back.  Nothing at 1400. 

Phoned Elaine Davies c 1000  who said she is not due to speak as advertised on the sheet but on Dec 1 at 5.30.  She did not appear to understand the word "discussion".  Only Q & A.

I hope to attend so do warn her that I will be asking pointed questions.

If I do not attend, please ask CA etc to tell me if the Dec 5 session is to run and where.  Stonebow is on the sheet but as 2g is involved, nothing is certain.

Careless attitudes are top-down within 2g.  The 2g Deputy Chairman couldn't remember my name when I went to talk to him recently within a person--centred discussion.  Platitudes such as people make mistakes won't wash in the 2g type of organisation.

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