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Thank you for your email which was forwarded to the Service Experience Department.  We work with people to resolve concerns and complaints, and I am very sorry that you are unhappy with our services.

I have spoken with both TW and JT about your concerns and have been advised of the following:

A – I hope I have interpreted your wish to discuss the dementia triangle aspects correctly; I think you may mean the Triangle of Care which SH and her colleague will discuss with you and your wife when they visit your home on Monday

B – You said that you intend to visit the Widemarsh office tomorrow afternoon.  Unfortunately this is not a public building and there will be no-one available to meet with you.  If you wish to discuss your concerns please contact either TW or JT – I understand you have their contact details.  Alternatively, SH may be able to help when she visits you on Monday.

C – I am sorry you feel that the Trust has taken a long time to respond.  I understand that staff have been in regular contact with you but have been unable to clarify your concerns; hopefully the meeting on Monday will resolve some of your questions

D – If you wish to make a complaint, please either contact me via telephone on 01452 894 072, or email me using this email address.  Once your concerns have been clarified we will contact the Service Director and ask him to appoint an internal investigator who will investigate your concerns before sending a report to this team.  A letter is then formulated from the report which is agreed and signed by our Chief Executive; this process takes approximately 40 working days.  We may require your wife’s consent to communicate with you about her care.

Some people find advocacy services useful when making a complaint to the NHS, and there are two services in the Herefordshire area from which to choose:

Onside Advocacy:

Support Empower Advocate Promote (SEAP):

I hope this information is useful for you – please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I can be of any further assistance.

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