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 It will be shown that a one-sentence 2gether care plan for a whole year amounts to "Keep on taking the tablets.".

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This complaint is the result of pressure from family and friends.

It is also supported by a Chartered Psychologist who is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society,  R - ifyou feel this would identify you it can be omitted or edited

As will be seen in context, I told 2gether in January that

"Ending the almost entirely negative interaction with 2g has been one of the best things I have done.  I want no further correspondence or phone calls.  The exception is an email confirming or otherwise that 2g is under investigation relating to incompetence. "

Responding to the call to complain is a decision not taken lightly.

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2g Overview here  note

Email - C M - 23 November 2015   here

If only that were true  here  here

If only that were true  is the caption to the email page.                                                                        

Awful treatment by 2gether for 35 years  here

Complaints and Whistle Blowing within the trust


29. The Commissioner gives weight to the argument that there is an increasing need for accountability within NHS bodies to ensure they are being appropriately and effectively managed. here

Complaint against:

Gloucestershire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – now 2gether NHS Foundation Trust for Gloucestershire (the Partnership Trust) here


So far, the main page is the Email from C M - 23 November 2015   here  He is Director of Service Delivery 2gether - fifth down here.



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