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In response to "Sorry"                 I should be more recuperative and less vituperative 


  1. Di Topham closed the meeting and thanked Professor Harrison and Rachel for attending. 
  2. She apologised for any errors that had occurred in the past which had resulted in a breakdown in communication 
  3. and hoped that the team could work collaboratively with Professor and Mrs Harrison in future. 

  1. The tone of the meeting 
  2. The "breakdown in communication" 
  3. Letters
  4. People in a crisis
  5. No recognition of numerous topics
  6. A proper care plan 
  7. dot dot dot

1   The tone of the meeting 

When Item 2 was uttered, my decision was to say nothing.  There was every temptation to launch into a dismissal and cite various text extracts.  However, to do so would have altered the tone of the meeting which I had scored as 50% on the 2g trying to be helpful scale.

2    The "breakdown in communication" 

I am unconvinced that 2g knows what is to be sorry in these circumstances.   The "breakdown in communication" was a deliberate decision as evident in the time taken to end it.  2g had complete control in the decision, obviously.


Carer has no interest in whitewashing internal complaint procedures. - 3.1.1 here   At least, this has been avoided but the effect is the same.  I was expecting a story [see header graphic] within a meeting which concluded with Item 3 at the top of the page - " ..and hoped that the team could work collaboratively with Professor and Mrs Harrison in future.".   More in  -  HMS Letter 29 Sept 2015 here



You have not  interpreted my wish to discuss the dementia triangle aspects correctly.  " The Triangle of Care for Dementia describes how meaningful involvement and inclusion of carers can lead to better care for people with dementia." more   It is not a matter of "  I think you may mean the Triangle of Care ..."  It is patently obvious that I meant the Triangle of Care. here  Furthermore, "  2 - Staff are ‘carer aware’ and trained in carer engagement strategies." is not working in 2g.      7b/1  here


Pure shilly-shallying. There was nothing practical included in the meeting.  Considering how many references within this set of pages to the triangle and working with 2g, the matter was glossed over at the meeting 


Ditto in the letter from Sarah Harris 28 Sept: "Plan - To remain on Donepezil 5mg.  CDN review yearly.  Alzheimer society supportwhen needed ...". 

 "Staff are ‘carer aware’ and trained in carer engagement strategies." is not working in 2g.  [2.2.1]  " is STILL not working in 2g.

3   Letters

Please confirm that any letters 
  1. within my wife's interaction with 2g will be addressed to me.
  2. to the surgery are addressed to Dr L
as detailed here.  More in  -  HMS Letter 29 Sept 2015 here

Quoted more recently at x here.  The letter from Sarah Harris 29 Sept has been copied to Dr Clayton who has not been the GP for two years.  A minor point to some but indicative of lack of communication within 2g.

4     People in a crisis

We will provide a co-ordinated response to people in a crisis   3.1   here  No recognition of my crisis, just a far-too-late reaction to the threat of exposure.

5     No recognition of numerous topics

No recognition of numerous topics such as:

All these lines should rank as evidence, some, of a sort.  I can only advise that a year ago I suffered mouth-ache for want of a medical term.  I was grinding my teeth and gums seemed on fire. Dentist said not a dental problem  That subsided around April and was mostly causing pain when driving.  It's back with a vengeance, driving or not.  Those who attend the Meeting: 30 Sept 2015  here. . . . please note. 8     

source 23 on the  1 - Evidence on the AFH current stress level page here

6    A proper care plan 


The meeting will depend on use of my website via a projector and in that respect, I have booked the meeting room at the Royal Hotel from 2.30 to 4.30 with tea for five at 3.30.  Looking forward to the start at 3.00.    

source i here      The page shows heightened stress which led me to asking my daughter to arrange the meeting. 


I could continue with many more examples of the stress caused by 2g, itself in the business of finding solutions to stress.  How can the ill-used word sorry make up for it all?   By proper consideration of the problems and appropriate action set out in a proper care plan.  No more one-liners anywhere please.

7      Towards being more recuperative and less vituperative 


I am not asking for a grovelling apology.  All I ask is for is

  1. immediate contact with a support group, 
  2. news of Rosemary Carpenter’s role - 6.3 here
  3. acceptance of the fact that email communication alone will not work as long as  I need to employ numerous and cross-referenced quotations from within the vast amount of text.


I hope that my participation in the website-content meetings can be arranged.  See foot of page here and 4.7 here


I hope to attend the dementia conference on 3 Nov.  I assume that at least one staff member will attend.  I hope that person or plural and I can interact by email in plenty of time before.  Even if the sorry-utterer attends.

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