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Does anything need to be clarified before we start?

The senior person within 2g is asked to summarise 2g proposals - if any.  

With the absence of a declaration of good intent, 2g may have mustered to say that there will be no interaction after the meeting. 

The purpose of the this page and its subsequent page  2g Summary  here was

1 to ask and receive answers to a series of questions and comment before the meeting 

2 so that it can concentrate on how the author will be involved working positively with 2g . . . 

I want to know why 1 was never dealt with.  The senior person within 2g is asked to reply.

Are we now going concentrate on how the author will be involved working positively with 2g?


in my wife's treatment?

When did 2g become interested in the Dementia Triangle of Care so long after its birth and

what are the immediate plans?

where is carer support group held etc?

Does 2g live up to public expectation?  Does 2g live up to its own statements of intent?

4   My situation


None of the 2g website-quoted text applies to my situation.  For example, what happened to these quotations? 

  1. continuous engagement - evidenced by what? More like continuous disengagement 
  2. engagement to support delivery of a challenging agenda - there is no challenge within normal interaction - engagement was left to the author without response for far too long
  3. strong leadership - when the only conclusion is that a nurse was allowed to get away with zero communication - once webpage pressure was exerted by me, the response was conducted through a third party
  4. We will provide a co-ordinated response to people in a crisis - and let them stew in their crisis
  5. ensuring we engage service users - who have long term conditions - in new services  - Triangle not in place
  6. empower people to make informed choices to support their wellbeing -  informed choices were presented time and time again which fell on deaf ears   
source   2g Summary here

Item 4 is the crucial point - I was left to stew in my crisis - where is the requested carer support group ?  That would have been a sign of good intent.  The mass of pages has been evidence of my reaching out.  Where is there the slightest evidence that 2g took any notice apart from 
  1. being threatened with public exposure
  2. being asked to pay for the projector
  3. sending an unsigned, misinformed email? 

After the meeting, a letter to Dr L will be finalised re the outcome of this meeting.  It begins thus but bold text not used:


Red numbers are stress levels 0 to 10


  1. Medication

  2. Symptoms 10 10

  3. Teresa's medication 8

  4. Disability aids 10 8

  5. Adult Wellbeing 8

  6. Hereford Memory Service 10 !

  7. Dietician appointment 6 7

  8. Selling our  current wheelchair car 8

  9. Cross Roads 8

  10. Herefordshire Carer Support 10 !

  11. The prep of this document 10

No attempt at averaging is made.   Family and a few healthcare professionals may read this doc. Red text numbers are independent and virtually no ranking has been made. The use of ! is in the stats-maths factorial  sense [ 10 x 9 x 8 etc] which produces a very large number - 32659200 to be precise!               It puts things in perspective.

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                                                    To Dr L via email 28 10 2015 here.

                                                    AFH current stress level here     

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