An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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  1. The carer world is a series of mountains
  2. Your website
  3. New aspects of the problems will ensue  
  4. Unpaid carers feeling exasperation and suffering from invisibility
  5. This one is as 4 but resilient and determined
  6. But there are those who are frightened off 



2g must improve has been added to the key issues list.


Readers who I hope are numerous within 2g may consider Dear me as making a mountain out of a molehill. 


The carer world is a series of mountains which, for many unpaid carers, the sides are too steep.  The mountains are  populated by, in the main, competent professionals.  Others, well, they think they are providers.  A very low % = too many who are gatekeepers and/or display many varieties of incompetence.  We will come to "Why does it need to be like this?"


In November 2014 I said:


The summer and continuing into the foreseeable future in certain domains is summarised as a long nightmare of dealing with what is loosely called "Carer provision". 


However, at least one provider deserve accolades -"Since then, my case is being sorted out and I receive very worthwhile support beyond the call of duty   4c here and updated 25 5 2016.  The provider is again praised at 5b  Below that it says  "But it all takes time and mental energy"..  At 12 - "There's another meeting with 4c soon and the person is the only Govt-official support I receive."



2g ought to be in any accolade list but unlikely as far as I am concerned. I hope to pluralise  this quotation - " ..the person is the only Govt-official support I receive."  


Instead, hour after hour I waste valuable time trying to implement a county recommendation in the form of a triangle.  What is the problem?  


Let us work towards a shining example of the triangle here in operation.  Let's hit the headlines.  Let's not hit the negative pilliative NHS  headlines..

I can talk to the 2gether trustees.



I have hardly looked at your website.  


 Here are three randomly selected pages.   Quoted text in italics. The first says

Our leaflet 'Treatment and Therapies' contains information on medication, therapies and self help groups and can be downloaded from our downloads section on the right hand side of this page..

Where? here The page you are looking for does not exist or is temporarily unavailable

I need a self help group pronto.

Website gobbledygook 

It is important that you have the information you need about what treatment or support will work best. You can find out more by speaking to the Care Co-ordinator or Named Nurse.

Joe Soap falls off the mountain..



A page for older people is here as long as they have ultra-magnification specs and/or the skills needed to enlarge text

Older Persons Community Mental Health Team (CMHT): there are 3 Community Mental Health Team’s working with people of all ages with organic illness and people with functional illness over the age of 65.  The teams operate across Herefordshire split into North, South and East localities

Community Mental Health Team’s     lazy 3



The page here includes  

Oops! Google Chrome could not find community%20dementia%20service



I am busy dealing with caring for my wife + emails re  here  which is needed for our return to the disability hotel  here in early September.

Relevant extracts will be collected and new aspects of the problems will ensue. Some are above update


The lack of a proper response is only one aspect of unpaid carers feeling exasperation and suffering from invisibility.

That is why the header graphic has been magnified  here.


Whatever adjectives 2g staff mentally try to throw through their Fort Knox windows, nobody could accuse me of not being resilient or determined.


6.1   But it all takes time and mental energy.

6.2  The question I ask in such situations is "Why does it need to be like this?".  Carers include those who are              frightened off and, consequently, they fail in the attempt to be helped.


Find 6.1 at Item 5b, and 6.2 at 8  here

The main problem is that this page cannot be opened to general readership.  If it were, carers who have been frightened off fighting their corner could contact me for help.

Further to " too many who are gatekeepers, incompetent, etc. "  long before this website was started in 2013, I remember numerous Internet carer stories using such provider-adjectives.

One day, I will look again.  Potential here.    

'Blame culture' has led to a growth in procedures to minimise risk but this approach undermines trust, and underpins risk aversion.'  source here  - 12 ii) on the Dear me page here

We can imagine strong words associated with  Turning into an adult has presented a new set of challenges: a benefit system which doesn’t believe him when he says that he can’t easily work  here

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