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Assessment 29 Sept 2014


Our elder daughter ticked "Yes" and "Very frequentlyto 7.   "No" to all other items.

She commented at the time - blue text.  My comment today is in green text.

Lost interest in the world? - Yes

                           starting new activities  - Yes

Apathetic - somewhat

Moderate - ticked

  1. Unclear if low mood, frailty or pain levels cause the going-out apathy
  2. WiIl not contemplate going to clubs, lunch-club etc
  3. Now that summer is here, no change


Very placid nature but gets very unpleasant and angry with husband if she feels he has been out shopping for too long.


  • 1e, 
  • 2b, 
  • 3d, 
  • 4a, 
  • 5a - now 5c re trousers and socks, 
  • 6a   strip-wash only, will not shower - no bath here
  • 7a
  • 8d    strip-wash only, will not shower - no bath here
  • 9a   would walk with wheeled Zimmer then  -  now entirely wheelchair dependent
  • 10   a&b  a - with difficulty  b - has auto-rise chair
  • 11c  now d
  • 12a  nearer to b now
  • 13a
  • 14a    
  • 15a  - almost d    - cannot remember close family numbers  makes far fewer calls now
  • 16d  unable
  • 17c
  • 18 between a & b  now b except cannot recognise money values - elder daughter has Third Party Mandate  (+ LPA for us both)
  • 19c  did not join and same now
  • 20 d unable

The position re items like 15 and 18 

Mrs H has been assessed by Hereford Memory Service and was confirmed in April 2015 as having onset dementia.  However, in every-day interaction, this is not all that apparent. On the right here

 caree began saying things like "You didn't give me ..  you know .. the piece of paper.".  "What piece of paper?"  When you went to the um, um, you know."  "No. I don't know, what do you mean?"      No. 3 here  

This type of output occurs several times each day.

Although the 

Donepezil 5mg tablets

One To Be Taken At Night to help control onset dementia    on left here

are working, they are taken within a vast cocktail of medication.  Little wonder things have slowed down.

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