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Update 11 Feb 2016

These pages demonstrate a battle to obtain reasonable service.  After numerous requests, a meeting was held before Xmas 2015 with the Deputy Chairman who couldn't even get my name right.  I withdrew from all contact with 2g soon after.


Notes to 2g - 9 July 2015       Home page     

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TC of the Complaints Dept contacted me on 25 Aug to say she hadn't heard from me.  Isn't time all HMS staff received an email?

13 Dec 2015

2g pages which were open for general readership are now being closed.   Please make contact if any other links etc spotted.

9 Nov 2015

Person-centred Tests Home page here

27 Oct 2015

Family-produced tests - Introductory test here

23 Oct 2015 - A4 protest sheet here

Update 13 Oct

30th September 2015 Meeting Home page here

Update 2 Oct

This is a carer-dominated model.  Sadly, it has not been put into practice in at least one caree situation.  

This text has been removed from the page here

Update 20 Sept

Meeting - 30 Sept 2015  here

AFH current stress level here 

Dementia Herefordshire Home page here          

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Update 7 Sept

Dementia-friendly  here

See an important omission in red text at the top of the page.

Update 31 Aug 

Dementia Triangle of Care  here

Update 29 Aug 

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Update 25 Aug

Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here for JT & SH

The page concludes with link to 2g - Meeting 1 here

78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here - a public page which could be replaced with one including refs such as the one here.  It is the same until Item 6, second para beginning "However, reports are coming in concerning Dept X of the NHS .."

Update 9 Nov 2015 

That is now irrelevant as all these pages are now public.

Although a meeting is in the offing, nothing else has occurred.  Go to 2g - Meeting 1 here. and Meeting - 30 Sept 2015  here

Update 23 Aug

2g Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here

Update 21 Aug

The carer world is a series of mountains - public page here

The carer world is a series of mountains - 2g  here

Update 18 Aug   Key issues here.

                           2g Overview here

                           Page-specific updates here.

Update 17 Aug  

2g Letter to caree 16 03 15 here    


Other Updates here

Please attend to:

A       Correspondence

B       Dear AD   

C1.2  What is state of play re memory clinic? 

C1.3   Request


78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here    Paras 9 & 10



Regarding the * next to " ... offer them support and advice. ",  2g is requested to list dates, format and details of the said support and advice.  here

  1. 2g Overview here

  2. Notes to 2g 9 July 2015   (this Homepage)

  3. 30th Sept 2015 Meeting Home page here

  4.  AFH current stress level here
  6. Key issues here.             Lack of a proper response

  7. 2g Updates here                  List of previous updates

  8. 23 Oct 2015 - A4 protest sheet here

  9. The Alibi Society here                                  Excuses

  10. Family-produced tests - Introductory test here 

  11. Email from TC 11 Aug 2015 here      Suppositions

  12. Notes to 2g - Update 11 July 2015 here         Notes updating the Assessment 29 Sept 2014    

  13. Dear me page  "me" could be anyone  key issues  
  15. 2g Letter to caree 16 03 15 here                   claire-voyancy is 2g second nature   
  17.  Dementia Triangle of Care  here                     Unfulfilled statement of what should happen but see Update 2 Oct at top left here.
  18. Update 13 Aug - 2g must improve here          0/10

  19. 2g Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here  JT SH

  20. 2g - Meetinghere Lists items to be done before

  21. 78 year-old woman ejected from A&E  here 

  22. Updates October & November 2014  here

  23. The carer world is a series of mountains here

  24. The carer world is a series of mountains - public page here

  25. Update 2 July 2015 here

  26. The context of the quoted WRH text can be seen here.   WRH = Worcs Royal Hospital

  27. TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here

  28. TDH Health etc - 16 Nov - a summary here  

  29. December 2014 update here  

  30. Update 2 July 2015 here  

  31. Dementia-friendly  here

  32. Dementia Herefordshire Home page here          see last line

  33. Person-centred Tests Home page here
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A Correspondence

Please address all correspondence relating to my wife, to me.  more here 

B Dear AD  Memory Assessment Nurse   

There's a lot here and my 2011 OCD sessions receive mention.  When in touch with our family GP and other healthcare professionals (HCPs), generally, I say that I am at the end of my tether.  A lot of that is dealing with orgs like 2g.

Wife was very  difficult to budge from her sitting-room electric recliner chair all winter and spring and she has not vastly improved of late.  We finally went on a disability canal-boat holiday last month which. on the penultimate day, ended in an A&E visit + two days, for my wife.  .more here

I appreciate you may need to spread the requests etc around 2g.  If discussion is warranted, I can call in at 1530 on Weds 15 July.  Perhaps I could collect docs etc re the request at No. 1.  Ditto two folders in No. 4.

This paragraph is the most significant within normal expectations relating to interaction. You were sent a letter on 9 July but no action until I sent an email .  Assuming that you consider yourself HCPs, you have some explanation to make as to why you did not reply.

Would be pleased to communicate by email. 


1  Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital including a request

2  Resources I am using

3  A manifestation of dementia?

4  OCD - 2011- AFH    -    a request

5  Age-appropriate aspects of interaction with disadvantaged adults

C1  Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital 

C 1.1

Elsewhere on this site there is a hidden doc - Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital (WRH).  It is addressed to our GP.  It begins thus:

WRH paperwork states admission 24 June. Caree admitted to WRH A&E on Tuesday 23 June and discharged from the assessment ward on Thursday 25.  When I arrived in A&E, triage had been done. That routine obviously included the “What year is it?” questions and Caree did badly enough to warrant WRH to declare delirium.   source

Later, WRH paperwork says:

6.2 The WRH ward admission routine repeated the “What year is it?” questions and I observed that Caree did very well. More recently,  Donapezil seems to be working.  


1..6.5 Where OCD stops and dementia starts is beyond me. Caree is still obsessional about proportion of bedding between us, doors, fluff, and folding clothes and napkins. 

C1.2 What is state of play re memory clinic? CPN S H prescribed the memory pills in March (?) and will review six monthly.  Where does the Triangle fit into this?

The context of the quoted text can be seen here.

I am interested in maintaining caree's present level of communication etc as long as possible.  To that end, family ply her with photos, old letters and cards etc.  All the commonsense approaches are used.  

C1.3  Request

Lists of the “What year is it?” questions and similar are just one approach I assume are used at 2g and I ask to be given as much as possible to help caree.  Also, please supply record sheets so that performance can be tracked and fed to you, CPNs, in GP discussion, perhaps DNs etc. 

This paragraph is also highly significant within normal expectations relating to interaction. Assuming that you consider yourself an HCP, you have some explanation to make as to why you did not reply.

Update 14 Aug 

Via a third party "In my discussion with SH she has explained to me that she is unable to provide you with a copy of the tests that they undertake, she explained that they would not advise that your wife is tested regularly as this could cause her increased anxiety.  SH will be in touch with you to arrange a visit.  The frequency of these visits will be approximately 12 monthly.  source 12 iv here  My reply 12 v et seq. 

2  Resources I am using:

  1. Booklets which R gave me at initial meeting.
  2. Alzheimer's Research UK here   Includes many other resources.
  3.  Alzheimer's Society here   Coping with memory loss here
  4. Simple ways to help someone living with dementia (pdf) here .
  5. About dementia
    Changed behaviours and dementia
    Looking after families and carers
    Caring for someone with dementia
    Residential care and dementia
    Information for people with dementia
    The environment and dementia
    Lewy body disease
    (Younger onset dementia)
    Tips to assist social engagement
    Other information                                     Oz source 
Info etc on this website
  1. Dementia and related topics Home page here   Numerous links
  2.  Economic and Social Research Council here  Various links   website  
  3.  Alzheimer's - selected text here 
  4.  Alzheimer's - full text here
  5.  Alzheimer's Society here
  6.  Alzheimer's Society and Ross Memory Cafe here 
  7. Remember Me - the Courtyard Theatre Dementia Week 2014 event page is here
  8. Herefordshire’s Inaugural Dementia Symposium here more  
  9. Dementia - theguardian  coverage here   
  10. The Times - dementia coverage - 2 Feb 2014 and back  here  


3  A manifestation of dementia?

Since 1978, I have played Flamenco guitar.  An international virtuoso played locally in mid-May.  I negotiated with caree to attend without her and with elder daughter and husband.  Caree was fine about the idea and a carer was arranged.  Caree has a history of sitting on grudges etc and saying nothing.  Little did anyone think that, as late as July, any negative outcome to the event would have emerged.

At 0408 or so on 6 July, the light came on and caree began saying things like "You didn't give me ..  you know .. the piece of paper.".  "What piece of paper?"  When you went to the um, um, you know."  "No. I don't know, what do you mean?"  

Eventually, I was accused of not giving her a programme for the Flamenco event.  She had waited all the way to her birthday on 5 July and not receiving it then was, to her, the last straw.  I kept calm and said there was no prog.  More rantings to 5 00 and then nothing all that day or since. (7 July)  I had 30 mins sleep before getting up at 6 00.  Caree didn't sleep and only snoozed in the afternoon.


C4  OCD - 2011- AFH   a request

My file should hold two plastic-comb-bound files I used with CB within CBT.  Please return them.

5   Age-appropriate aspects of interaction with disadvantaged  adults

Text deleted until normal interaction with 2g is restored.

Update 28 July

Text deleted until normal interaction with 2g is restored.



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