An exploration of the UK carer world

                                                                                                                    That WC lesser(?) emergency is at No. 9.


Things go black and you wake up to see Emma's smiling face.  Your first concern is your caree.


Meanwhile and while you were with the fairies, people have been busy.


It makes sense to prepare for such a situation.


I C E before a number on your phone will enable those who deal with you -  as a carer -  in an accident to phone all your emergency contacts..  = In Case of Emergency.

Emergencies arising when you are miles away but not in an emergency situation yourself.

     5  Immediate emergency services etc access to your house

     6  Fridge pots

     7  County carer support organisations

     8  If you decide you've had enough

     9 That WC lesser(?) emergency



Immediate emergency services etc access to your house


A key safe outside your door. Available via orgs such as Careline..    Issue keys to those who can arrive quickly and who know your caree's situation


The access code is distributed to those you decide including whatever carer service you use.  



Fridge pots

Once those entitled to enter your house using force are in, they will look in your fridge.  Once access is gained, it is useful for those dealing with the situation to have a list of emergency contacts and a brief account of your caree's situation.

Go to the Lions website, select Health Projects and then Message in a Bottle. more  No results for fridge pots in the search box.  Ask via your county carer support provider.

Fridge pots is a term in common use but Google hasn't caught up with it. 


Your county will  have a carer support organisation. More


This page is at the front end of the website.  Even if you decide you've had enough, it is hoped that it will prove useful re action but not result.  Hope you or your caree don't end up on a stretcher.


That WC lesser(?) emergency

Public toilet closures - 150,500,000 results here

You are pushing the wheelchair in a different town and the conversation goes something like this.

                  Caree - "Sorry but I need the loo - - desperately!."

                  Carer  -  "OK, I'm looking."

                  Caree - 5 mins later - "I said I'm desperate."

                  Carer  - "OK, OK.  You don't need an ambulance."

                  Caree  - "Any second now and you'll need an ambulance!."

Find your county carer support provider and ask what schemes etc are in force.  Use this link and just add the name of your county. Probably after four or so letters, it will auto-complete. 




Emma's sister Amy Jency who's a carer living in Worcestershire. You see her while the problem is being solved!

Find out about the Worcester scheme on the Home page here.

Dangle a RADAR key on the wheelchair.



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