An exploration of the UK carer world

                                         from me to you with best wishes - sorry re background - it takes a lot to change each one

Dear Hilary  

This is a hidden page      a much edited version might be useful later    see here re HPs - it's in the final More section

List of places here   Although many there are no more than hamlets, the villages are here.  A vast number of towns and parishes here inc a quick navigator here.  

I'm not saying that two dozen or so surgeries in the county is the wrong total.  It just seems  low.

Towns via post code HR                pic from here

HR1 - Hereford - 8 here  

HR2   5 here  one is in Hereford so may already be listed

HR3      here    overlaps with Kington below - pos 3 don't 

HR4 here   pos 1 new due to overlaps

HR5  3 here  Kington and locale 25 but unreliable  here via here More reseach needed re overlaps 

HR6  here  included in  Leominster - 5 -  Marches Westfield Mortimer here Bowen, Croase here

HR7  here not much use  Bromyard  1 here

HR8  here  shows these - Ledbury - 2 here - looks as if residents in the area might go elsewhere

HR9 here   on investigating the map, B is a dentist.  Ross  2 here

30?         25 unreliable results in Kington? 

Some isolated GPs may turn out to be in bigger practices.  

HR2 is the largest area but only has 5? GPs.

 I've spent nearly two hours on this and that's the limit.



Yell search HR5 here shows how these searches can be unreliable.

That was from here as seen on the left.  The other example is aligned with Kington - 25!

You hold the cards.  You have a list and, if an unlisted surgery pops up, you add it to your hand.  The only surgeries I ken for any certainty are here and to a lesser extent here.


You are included on the HCS page where it says this:

Another meeting  here.* All the more reason for HCS focus on GP links - near foot of page here.

The HCS page is hereIs this OK?

*Can you download any Minutes?  I can't.  

pagetop here 

When we spoke on Friday, what I meant about singing is here.