An exploration of the UK carer world


panel 1

Creating new paths in the jungle

panel 2

The header graphic depicts the first set of paths and even the smallest area of trees is five miles by four.  Our mouse is in the pilot's seat of the helicopter over the jungle and the thermal imaging camera starts squeaking.



 panel 3

The helicopter is lowered to find ........


panel 4

Enid at the end of her tether.

Join us as a co-pilot and help find more pathways.


panel 5

When Enid has recovered, she'll tell you her story. At present, she's near breakdown,

The message is:

If you don't look after your own health, how can you look after your caree?

panel 6

My partner is burnt out from being my carer during my mental illness 

I've been with my partner for seven years. I have suffered from mental illness for most of that time. I'm making a good recovery now, but my partner is burnt out from supporting me while I was ill. We still love each other enormously, but she says she isn't sure whether she can have a "normal" relationship with me now – she doesn't know if she can transition from being more than a "carer".   

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