An exploration of the UK carer world

Overview and site map      prelim graphic re  an ideal patch of the carer world 


We now move on to the shape and structure.  

The reason for such brief section titles in the top nav panel is do with the number to be accommodated when they all appear.  


Sections 1 & 3 taken together open the canvas with feelings as well as just a few facts at this stage.

 Intro                                         The variety of carers and how they describe their attributes and feelings.        

Emma Jency                               Things go black and when you wake up your first concern is your caree.

One-stop shop?                            Choose the jigsaw bits to make up your own carer world jigsaw.

The local focus                             One county points the way to you deciding what you want from your own county

Early words                                  Plenty needed when dealing with a seemingly myriad amount of provision.

Who cares?                                 The elderly and vulnerable are being tended by criminals. Nobody cares.

 2    I T

  • Updates

  • Find a page 

  • Site aims                               Putting the carer world into the hands of everyone in it.

  • The website explained             Secure your place in the shop window.

  •                       Pass the link around to reach the parts which other websites don't reach.

  • Jobs                                      The jobs are set out in rising levels of complexity. Have your say.  

  • Computers                              Most of the resources available to carers are best accessed online.

  • Hawks                                    Are you a hawk or a hedgehog?

3     Carer                                     Let's start by getting to know these volunteers.    Your story is welcomed. 

  • Quick guide                          Old-hands might reflect that many readers will be new or impending carers.
  • What makes a carer?            Needs to be strong – mentally/physically/emotionally - - -  and lots more.
  • Who is a carer?                    They don't run around with Carer armbands.  A long list to ponder.
  • Young carers                        Is five the right age to start as a carer? It's official.
  • Young carers identified          Will this desk be vacant all day?

  • Managing?                            Or coping?                       
  • Exasperation                         One carer lost in the jungle. The other knows exactly where he is but is going nowhere.
  • The jungle                             Our mouse is in the helicopter and the thermal imaging camera starts squeaking.
  • Relief 1 - Song                      Unwind in song - cut throught the red tape and fling it back
  • Relief 2 - Together                 Forget about the jungle for a few days
  • Respite                                  Forget about it on a regular basis
  • Carer stories                         It would be good for most readers to gain your insight.  Read stories first.
  • Carers who work                   More work on this page will be done later.  Meantime - over to you.   

  • Carer rights Home page         Improving the carer voice

4 to 10 deal with provision and ensuring that best choices are made according to carer circumstance

 4   Caree                                     always in the presence of the carer - sometimes undistinguished 
  • "The cared-for" - ?                 Can't we do better than phrases like "the person I/we/they care for",
  • The young caree                    Meet a selection


  • Caree stories                  "..   .how little society gives a toss ....". 

Focus                                Begins with the National Carer Strategy here and includes focus groups here

                                               Unpaid carers everywhere form groups according to local need and interest.                         
                                               Dementia and related topics Home page here                                        
                            Economic and Social Research Council here   website 


6  Ways                          Using the right tools once you have the blueprint.  

Books                                        Mainly law and rights books so far                                    
Newspapers                               The toll of being an unpaid carer 
                                                 Links to newspaper websites - can be used for general searches as well      

Radio                                        Carers World Radio - UK -  here but now defunct
Songs for carers                          To sing in carer support groups and at larger events.

Songs for special needs situations                                                 

 7   Areas                           Help grow this page.   Although not a county, Newport, Gwent is here.

                                                A University for Herefordshire -  Home page here   

                                                Herefordshire Carers Support site  -   here.  


                                                Carers Rights Day   2013

                                                       Summary covering proceedings to half-time here.  My comment is here.

                                                        The right to die is here                                                 


                                                        Special Educational Needs here

                                                 Ross Carer Support Group     


                                                 St Michaels Hospice                        

 8   NHS                                   A long list of resources + "the NHS care for my terminally-ill father has been 'useless' "                            
                                                GPs Nationally including the 'Allo, 'Allo NHS'  by a GP here

                                                Dementia theguardian  coverage here

                                                              We can't yet cure Alzheimer's - selected text here     

                                                              We can't yet cure Alzheimer's - full text on this website here

 9   Rights                                 Carer Rights Day   and sub-page on Benefits                


 10   Gov                                      National Strategy and a link to Politics within the Carer World   
  • Care & Support Bill.              Plenty to worry about
  • Big society                           How does a young carer come into the system?  Worst case scenario?
  • Big society forgotten             Email to the three main political parties.  

  • List of Acts                           and other resources, many of which put the other side of the story

  • Welfare Reform                    including     An open letter to Atos Healthcare  here

11  Education                              Universities and the other aspects of education   -   see 12

The project will collect data and opinion from the participants in the equation.  This will be analysed within a formal research project.  One aspect of that is to present MPs and others with the case for improving provision.  

  1. Who are the most in need?  
  2. Who are missing-out within present provision?
  3. What duplication of services is there?  
  4. Where are the gaps?  
  5. Many more questions to follow.
Education pages are in the More section until there's enough to warrant a new education section.

12  More  ie     all other pages under their own subsections as they are created

                        Education here

                                 To education -  consumers  here

                                 To education - providers here              Further info and CV via Contact

                        Contact          My experience here.

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