An exploration of the UK carer world

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A page of this title started April 2014 and revised 24 Nov 2015

JB = the Director - H = the org




This page identifies prejudice and weakness within H generally and JB in particular.


You are referred to pages and more than a few are out of date.  No time to update.   


This page is read by those in sympathy with the author.  Thanks are due for support.

When appropriate, this page will be sent to SP.  Also to some involved in commissioning etc



  1. JB opposition to this website
  2. Carer songs 
  3. My report on CRD November 2103 
  4. Surgeries
  5. Parent Carer Voice
  6. Carer Forum - 1
  7. Carer Forum - 2
  8. I.T. 
  9. Conclusion

1 JB opposition to this website

Opposition from its start to this website is the main cause of poor and then zero interaction with H.  In Sept 2012, the first few pages were sent to JB who responded by commenting that there is no need for a new carer website

JB  and one local worker HW spent two hours (Nov 2012)  in my local library trying to persuade me to eliminate this website.  

One notable interaction within the meeting.  
JB spoke for a minute or two on a topic and concluded by asking me to feed back my understanding of what she had said.  I replied that I had understood all that she had said. 

The meeting was recorded but the recording has not been typed.  Any help finding a suitable typist will be appreciated.  

2  Carer songs 


H - on Carers Rights Day [CRD] - November 2013 included a singer who led the audience in one song.  That inspired me to recycle well-known songs for such events and local carer support groups etc. See Recycled songs Home page here.


In spite of all the encouragement from me for H to use the songs, an event in September of 2014, the same song leader was used again by H five minutes after starting.  That affected me badly and I left the meeting. Since then, I have have not attended any H meetings including the local group.  This was a valuable resource.  I attended various committee-like meetings in Hereford.  


On 4 Oct 2013 , I sent H an email referring to a staff meeting and asked if I attend with song sheets.  She replied that she didn't understand what I had said.


I sent details of the songs to all staff by email on 10 Oct.  Reply by JB - meeting can't accommodate me.    

3   My report on CRD November 2103 

After the event. I produced a lot of material - all ignored.  

Summary covering  proceedings  to half-time here.  My comment is here.  

4   Surgeries

At the CRD, GP prizes were awarded.  HL is the coordinator who announced the latest figures re surgeries signing up to the H Charter.  I asked if the info was to be recorded in the mins.  It wasn't.  

I wrote a page querying the numbers here.  Ignored.

5   Parent Carer Voice

Parent Carer Voice event, 6 December 2013  here  Wrote notes useful to mins sec.  Ignored

6  Carer Forum - 1

Ignored note on  H Carer Forum - 17th July 2014 here

7  Carer Forum - 2

Minutes of a local forum in Ross - May 22 . They ignored a paper I had distributed and had commented on.   

Spoke to the mins sec who ignored my request for the mins to include my paper.

8  I.T.  

Lip-service  was paid to my request to give a session as seen here.  No. 5 here ignored.

9   Conclusion

The author spoke to SP two weeks ago with no result.  He spoke to someone else who knows SP and the person spoke to SP.  SP phoned me today and said something will be done on Monday forthcoming.

SP was told that this author is willing to meet JB half way.

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