An exploration of the UK carer world

                    He manages in the warm weather.  What about when winter arrives?  What about his "cared-for"?

The carer - you    

Are you managing or coping? 

Carers may not stand out.  The carer could be either of them.

In that respect, the carer is coping.  Most do.


If the person you're looking after has difficulty with his or her personal care, you should consider getting support from social services by having a community care assessment of his or her needs.  more   

".. the person you're looking after.."  as a term, points to the lack of proper name.  We deal with that later.   
According to Carers UK, and based on the 2001 census, around six million people in the UK provide care on an unpaid basis for a relative, friend or neighbour in need of support due to old age, disability, frailty or illness. The population of carers is dynamic: at least a third of all people will fulfill a caring role at some point in their lives. 

Research has shown that becoming a carer can have many impacts on a person's life. These include financial aspects, exclusion and discrimination at work, social isolation, and poor health through stress and physical injury.

At least half of all carers are in full or part-time employment and some care for more than one person. Carers save the UK economy an estimated £87bn a year, and economic considerations form a key element in government policy to support carers.

Make use of the free resources available to you.  Some arrive on your doorstep.